Week Notes 22#51

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  • Accidentally put Cookie into her XXS harness - which she's grown out of - for a very snug fit, which she didn't seem super impressed by. We've since given it away to a morning park dog walking friend who'll benefit from it
  • Cookie and Morph had a bit of a scuffle, with Morph's claws coming out, and Cookie going for him back too
  • Cookie was confused at throwing away the ham from last week, which after cooking hams this week, realised was because it was 100% not cooked at all 😬 Very glad that Anna convinced me not to eat much more it than I did πŸ˜…
  • On Wednesday, Cookie was a complete demon all day πŸ‘Ή
  • Been getting Cookie to sleep in her crate, ahead of the big Christmas celebration on Boxing Day, which she's absolutely not going to be ready for, and bracing for the chaos πŸ˜…
  • Built some cool stuff with Renovate dependency management data and endoflife.date which is something I think I'll look to get Open Source'd in the new year, and been chatting with the Renovate folks about getting it part of the product
  • Finally re-slatted the bed, and seems a lot more stable now 🀞
  • Morph's been getting up on the counter a lot 😑 Ended up putting some tin foil to try and scare him which may be working
  • Dropped a knife - hilt-first - on my foot which hurt but was OK
  • Took Morph to the vet for the first time in a while, and he's doing really well - including the fact that he's finally at a normal weight πŸ‘ he's gone from 5.2kg to 4kg
  • Dropped a Gu ramekin but turns out they're pretty well-built and don't shatter
  • Had a few fires this week which has been very nice
  • Had Thursday off which was a bit of chilling, a bit of tidying around the house, and a bit of blogging
  • As I've now finalised conversations with Capital One about a blog post about the Chef pipelines work I did before I left - which will be residing on my personal blog - I've been starting the writing process as it'll be nice and cathartic to be complete so I can forget the knowledge, and only remember it when I re-read the post
  • On Friday we went into town for a nice lunch and bit of shopping
    • Had a nice lunch at Pudding Pantry
    • Cookie was not having a great time, so after picking up some things for Christmas at John Lewis, I headed back while Anna got the rest of the bits she wanted in town
  • Dave and Faye arrived on Christmas Eve eve, to a surprisingly calm welcome by Cookie after a day of no sleeping, and then an evening of no sleeping either πŸ™„
  • Made a roast beef on Christmas Eve which was good, and our first roast in the new oven
  • Christmas day - although "the day" is tomorrow with Anna's family
    • Had a 5k walk at Blidworth Woods this morning after eggs and bacon bagels πŸ˜‹
    • Hot (leftover roast) beef sandwiches for lunch with pigs in blankets, cheeses and a ham πŸ˜‹
    • Then I cooked a Gousto Chinese cashew chicken for dinner, which was really yum too!
    • Had some nice time chatting, eating chocolates, drinking tea, Prosecco and Drambuie and Cointreau


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  • Klaus
  • Community
  • The Old Guard
  • Inside Job

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