Week Notes 22#50

This week was sponsored by One More Time - Worakls Remix being on repeat. I could've get enough of it and it itched my brain just right

  • Finished Stray
  • Had a bit of a stressed time opening up Rogue Legacy 2 to find that my saves had disappeared, but turns out it's a known issue, which meant I needed to open a terminal on my games console to move things around. Bit of a weird experience, but glad to have the control
  • Had a very ADHD moment in Rogue Legacy 2 of being distracted and forgetting to go back to spend ~65k coins on upgrades, which had taken me ~30 minutes to accumulate in a very good run
  • Swapped out the lampshade for the light up to the loft room, so it now looks pretty great, but was a bit of an awkward stretch to make it work
  • Got some PRs merged with Renovate around the handling of Go modules, which was cool as they were a little more involved in the codebase than I've done before, and means I can now track indirect dependencies
  • Finally did some of my Xmas shopping, as I'd been getting a little stressed about it, so glad I managed to get ahead of it before things wouldn't arrive in time
  • Cut the top of my mouth on an M&M
  • Dropped into a tech-wide call on work on Wednesday for a recap of the year's achievements which was cool
  • A good few days resting from COVID - it'd got to a bad cold state, but I didn't want to rush back to work unnecessarily, and instead give myself time to recover, so had a few days off
  • Unfortunately Anna got symptom-y on Monday, so had Tuesday and Wednesday off to recover too
  • It's been hecking cold this week
    • Had a lot of fires this week to keep us warm which has been nice
    • Managed to chop some wood but mostly difficult to do so with the cold and not the most stable location for chopping
    • Been taking Cookie for walks over lunch, which has been surprisingly OK, and we've even had some more of a lie-in
  • One day while holding Morph in my arms, Cookie jumped up and bit his tail 😬 Lots of hissing, but was OK
  • Cookie's been mostly very cute and has made it nice for recovering this week
  • Been playing some DLC Quest today
  • Made a - practice - ham, but unfortunately ~didn't quite cook it long enough, so it was a little bit too tough~ was 100% not cooked 😬. Going to need to get another to practice before the proper Christmas ham
  • Cookie found the sound of popping candy in my mouth extremely exciting
  • (Re) learned how to do a duck call with my mouth, much to Cookie's excitement, too
  • Had to cancel the friends' Christmas party on Saturday as we were still a little too COVID-y to safely mingle, which was a shame
  • Did not get any talks accepted to FOSDEM, and deciding whether I'm still considering going. Not 100% sure if my concentration can cope with an in-person conference
  • Gave Morph his catnip-filled rat toy for the first time since Cookie arrived, which he was straight back into playing with it and had good fun. Cookie was puzzled as to why he was able to play with something she couldn't, but didn't seem too stressed watching him have a great time
  • Morph's been getting on the counter a few times 😠 Not impressed by the behaviour and been telling him off, but doesn't seem to take the hint. He did lick the lid of a soup tub onto the floor, as Cookie was found a little later chewing away at it πŸ˜…
  • Got a cool present from my Tech Nottingham Secret Santa - a giant Funko bobble head of Grogu
  • Been doing some "paw" with Cookie, where she'll give you paw that matches the hand you're asking for, and she's getting very good at it


  • Rogue One
  • Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
  • Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: The Crimes of Grindelwald
  • Love Actually
  • Wednesday
  • Blockbuster
  • Big Mouth
  • Office Christmas Party
  • 1899
  • Making 1899
  • Bridgerton
  • Zen: Grogu and Dust Bunnies

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