Week Notes 22#49

A week of all the things happening - my work Christmas party, the cooker was finally installed, and getting my first bout of COVID 😬

Starting with being at work for the Christmas party:

  • Starting off the week with a commute into London (🫠)
  • Had some good use of time in the office, and was nice to see folks for some more face time
  • Was nice to see a lot of folks in the Christmas party - had some good times chatting with the team about non-work and some work
  • Also nice to meet a lot of new folks, too, as well as some people in person who I'd not yet met before - great to see I've already built up quite a network
  • Got a Five Guys on the way home with Gareth and Stephen and carried on with some of our chats
  • Tuesday in the office was a little quieter πŸ˜…
  • Led an onboarding session on Tuesday morning, which meant a lot of talking with my hoarse throat - which got hoarser the longer the session went on
  • The Friday Lunch was moved to Tuesday, cause it was a nice thing to do post-party, and meant we could enjoy it in the office, too
  • Gareth and I went to BiBimbap Togo and it was very good and hit the spot πŸ˜‹
  • Got a pretty bad blister on one of my feet at the party which made Tuesday's travel around London harder
  • Before I left, I popped over to get a shake from Shake Shack, but unfortunately they didn't have many, so I got Oreo, and was fairly disappointed
  • Travelling from the office to St Pancras with all my stuff was another πŸ₯΅ commute but luckily had a good few minutes to cool off before jumping onto the train
  • Anna and Cookie were out for a walk so I got back to a very meowy Morph excited for me to be home 😻πŸ₯° was very cute and nice to have from him. Then, Cookie arrived for an also very excited welcome home
  • With it being super chilly this week, we've only been doing lunch-time walks, which has made logistics a bit harder, but she's seemed to be coping pretty well
  • Been enjoying the satay chicken skewers we got from Costco last week
  • Cookie was most surprised when, after licking my nose, I licked her nose back, and she sat back down in surprise 😹
  • Ahead of the cooker delivery on Thursday, I moved Morph's cat tower into the kitchen so the conservatory had a little more room for maneuvering, and it's been really nice that he's around more, and that he's a little warmer too!
    • Although he's been a right idiot meowing to go into the conservatory, then immediately meowing to come back inside 😠 Sometimes he'll go out the kitchen cat flap, and either meow at the kitchen window or come into the conservatory and then meow to come back into the house
  • Managed to get literally 1cm of room in the through the cooker through the doors of the conservatory
  • Cooker delivery was literally just delivery, not even helping unpack it, so that took a bit of time Wednesday evening, but fortunately Cookie wasn't too problematic while we were trying to unpack all the polystyrene, and we got it in without either of us being hurt
  • The new cooker is really nice!
    • Induction is interesting, but getting used to it
    • Cooked some pizzas perfectly, with the pizza setting, the first time since we had the old oven that they've been cooked nicely
  • Put up the Christmas decorations πŸŽ…πŸ€ΆπŸ§‘πŸŽ„ and feeling much more festive
  • I was feeling a little unwell Thursday evening, coming down with a bit of a maybe-cold. Given every time I come back from London for work I'm a little bit under the weather cause my body's not used to it all, this was a little different
  • Had a bit of a lie in on Friday, as I'd decided in the night that I was going to be calling in sick as I wasn't feeling well at all
  • After feeling especially bad after getting up, that I'd not tested since before going to London on Saturday, and considering that Anna was going off to meet with her Mum, I did a COVID test. Lucky that, as within ~60 seconds there was a fairly strong red line showing I was positive 😬
  • Had a lovely cuddly Saturday with Cookie, playing Stray with her between my legs, sometimes watching, sometimes napping
  • Managed almost 1000 days to avoid COVID, which is a pretty great achievement, and it's a good sign that we are definitely testing correctly
  • On Thursday morning, had such a cute cuddly lil Cookie in bed, snuggled between Anna and I and being such a good girl 😻πŸ₯° I wanted to get photo evidence, but couldn't risk moving and risk disturbing her
  • Found the other day - maybe last week? - that my journal hasn't been working when trying to log in. Turns out, at some point, I set up some client_id configuration on one half of the authorization flow, so was stopping me log in to view posts. All good now, but meant I had to SSH onto the instance, grab a dump from sqlite of the ADHD post's extensive draft, which luckily worked OK
  • Finally finished my ADHD diagnosis blog post, with some excellent editorial suggestions from Anna, and had some hits so far, but not the extreme amounts of traffic I could have assumed. Either way, glad it's out there and folks can read it
  • Accidentally wore my watch overnight for a bit one night
  • Been super behind on having our advent calendars - not gotten around to starting our Lego: Guardians of the Galaxy advent calendar, and Cookie's only had a couple of days of her advent calendar
  • After a few attempts over the last couple of months, we finally got around to putting up the new living room loopy light, which looks pretty cool, and nice in place
  • Was looking forward to seeing Carol on Friday, but my COVID got in the way
  • Tried the Boneless Banquet from KFC as something different, but wasn't impressed compared to a wrap/burger box meal
  • Had some nice cuddles with Morph on Saturday, while Anna was in the kitchen with Cookie
  • Accidentally got a bit pissed last night on Drambuie, which I was trying to use to clear my cold, but ended up drinking loads cause it's so nice, and mixed with just generally being tired, had to get an earlier night than usual
  • Managed to get round to my Tech Nottingham Secret Santa - after ages of ADHD procrastination - and got all my bits now πŸ‘
  • Finally set up a Firefox extension for Dark Mode on Matomo, so I can not have my retinas burned out when viewing it later in the day
  • Cookie's been especially cute and cuddly this week, albeit we've also had outbursts to remind us she's not perfect yet πŸ˜…


  • Stray
    • Super creeped out by all the eyes watching me in a cave πŸ˜…


  • 1899
  • Bridgerton
  • Big Mouth
  • Blockbuster
  • Four Christmases
  • The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special
  • The Proposal
  • Love Actually
  • The Holiday
  • Star Trek: Deep Space 9

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