Week Notes 22#47

The one with the Oodies, the not-delivery of the cooker, and Cookie's first night away from us πŸ™€

  • Started the week contorted in bed, with me face down, but my legs facing upwards, which of itself was fine right, cause I could've moved, right? No, Cookie was curled up between my legs, and I didn't want to move her πŸ₯Ί
  • We finally received our Oodies (picture) and dang are they great! No wonder Martin Lewis has been recommending them as a solution to avoid putting your heating on, and they look pretty great too. Cookie's enjoying biting at them, which is less good, but overall a positive. I didn't have the confidence to go into my first meeting with my CEO dressed in it though πŸ˜…
  • Did my first onboarding session at work - to cover for illness - and felt like it went OK, although found it was an interesting one trying to follow slides that I've not written
  • Had a couple of surprisingly good days solo with Cookie (in my office). I had a lot of very cute lil pupperino, she stole my place on the standing mat a couple of times, and moved her bed at one point as it was too hot next to the radiator πŸ₯Ί
    • Although Tuesday afternoon Cookie was being really quiet, which is always a bad sign - turns out she had started chewing on one of my flip flops 😠 Luckily she was OK, I'm not sure exactly how much she'd ingested vs just spat out, but bit worried, and of course rather annoyed once I knew she was OK
  • Had some brainpower spare, and made some good progress with dealing with anonymous objects with oapi-codegen - something raised very early on when I started playing around with it, and I finally got around to investing more time in, and then fixing, the issue. Hoping to have it live this coming week!
  • Had hoped to go to the cinema on Friday - on a day off - but due to puppycare not being available until Saturday, just had a bit of a chill day at home, a trip to Ikea, and putting some bits up around the house
  • Pushed the limit of my credit card πŸ’³ with an update to my wardrobe - got some great things, and some much needed fancy new shoes
  • With Lucifer now finished, we wanted to find a next programme to watch, and have been enjoying Andor, albeit after a slow start, after prompting from lots of good feedback on Twitter over the weeks
  • Had a remote social at work, in which we played an awesome game of "guess the fridge", followed by some Jackbox games. Good fun, and looking forward to doing these more regularly
  • Thinking of putting some talks forward to FOSDEM, which if they're chosen, should give enough time to actually write them 🀞
  • Found one of my Croc giblets in the garage while doing the bins, which is funny because I didn't even realise one was missing πŸ˜…
  • With my Pixel Watch still with notifications on vibrate + loud, I've muted a few noisy chats, and been thinking about unsubscribing to some emails I barely check, but am noticing much more
  • Had some poor success with clipping Cookie's nails this week - caught it a couple of times where she tried pulling away as we clipped it, hurting her (a little), causing her to yelp out of surprise, and then making it harder to clip them. With them being especially long, we've needed to, but ended up going back to the dremmel and that's made some progress, albeit much slower
  • Been doing a bit more crate training with Cookie to try and give us a bit more safety with her having a safe space to be contained while we're not around, as she broke through the barriers in front of the front door while we were in Ikea
  • Morph's been getting more attention this week - in particularly when Cookie was away overnight, which was very nice 😻 - but also didn't make it helpful at times when he kept jumping onto the dining room table and trying to get food/affection while Cookie's been in her crate, thus stressing her out even more, so he got a few nudges away, but didn't take the hint
  • Anna brought Morph up for Sunday morning cuddles in bed, as we didn't have Cookie to cuddle, which was nice, and all three of us enjoyed having him with us 😻
  • The schmancy new cooker did not get delivered today 😠 Turns out the electrics are not done in the way that they should be, so need to get an electrician out to sort it before they can redeliver 😬 Bit annoying, and hopefully won't put it too close to Xmas, as I want to have some practice cooking in it
  • A quiet end to my first on-call shift, which was good, although I dropped into support an incident unrelated to my services earlier in the week to get some practice
  • Cookie had a right bark at a badger 🦑 on a walk tonight, and we had to detour, as she was quite riled up at it


  • Andor
  • Blockbuster
  • Star Trek: Deep Space 9
  • The Bounty Hunter
  • Shadow and Bone

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