Week Notes 22#46

The week Cookie got to spend time in my office, and I buckled and opened my Pixel Watch

  • Dell finally picked up my monitor, after a month of me chasing them, with some rather threatening emails to say "book it for collection or we'll charge you" 🤡
  • Fixed my rofi setup after quite some time of the colour scheme being broken, as well as setting up rofimoji and rofi-emoji, but still not decided which I'll use long term, just nice to have an option out of kitty
  • A large chunk of this week's free time was trying to sort out my blogroll. I largely wanted to have it set up and lead to my final social reader wants but needed to break it down to more pieces as it was much more manageable
    • Tried to go for edit functionality in editor.tanna.dev, but ended up being a more difficult piece of work than I'd hoped, and probably why not a lot of folks have implemented it
    • Wrote a hacky Go script this evening to mention folks on the blogroll - who exist on Bridgy Fed - so folks on Mastodon can see I'm following them (back)
    • Wrote a script to convert a Twitter username to a List, so I can follow folks from my social reader instead of logging into Twitter. Only a couple of years later than I wanted to first write it, and not ideal now most of the folks have left / are drastically scaling down Twitter usage but 🤷
  • My first on-call shift started on Thursday - so far it's been quiet, and here's hoping the rest of Deliveroo's first week of the World Cup in Qatar goes OK 🤞
  • Decided that I should do something nice for myself and have my Pixel Watch now, instead of waiting until Christmas. Thought there was no point waiting when I can get a lot of good use of it before then
    • It's already been making a difference, and I've been finding it nice
    • Been nice ahead of on-call
    • Found it's been a bit freeing, letting me not have my phone always in my pocket
    • Found it's been handy getting the weather - and my step count - visible on the watch face all the time, as it's one of my most common questions asked of our smart devices
    • Got my step count backfilling script updated - which required playing around with AWS Secrets Manager due to the way that FitBit handles refresh tokens (which is good!) so took a bit longer, but was ready for the second day of full use to be backfilled
  • Cookie got to come into - and stay in - my office for the first time, as it'd make things easier for her coping while Anna's at the office, as Cookie likes being around us, not separated by barriers. Definitely helped and she spent most of the time asleep next to me, or on top of my foot on my standing mat 😻
    • She spent a while barking at her reflection in the mirror 🤡 towards the end of the day which was annoying though
  • Had some very cuddly mornings with Cookie
  • Had some very un cuddly mornings with Cookie too, and she's been rather demonic at times 👹 Definitely still not quite there yet, and we've been listening to some stuff from Absolute Dogs that's feeding into some changes we're making at the moment
  • Had some nice walks over the weekend
  • Cookie drank out of my water glass in the living room one day, which was not cool
  • Cookie's discovered how much fun getting into the cupboards and tearing up teabags is 👹👹👹
  • Ahead of some early end-of-year appraisals at work, it's been busy sorting out my career doc, which naturally (ADHD definitely not helping) came mostly up to "let's do it all on the last day" as well as bashing out half an hour of content to polish it off, after I'd meant to finish work, but still felt like I needed to do stuff on it
  • Didn't do our dailies until in bed on Wednesday evening 🙀 but luckily got them all done
  • Spent some time with Morph for cuddles, as well as him spending time in the dining room sleeping on the chair next to the radiator
  • While working on a new Hugo site, was reminded of just how incredibly fast Hugo can be. My site is pretty hefty, so it's nice to be reminded of how fast it used to be for me
  • Just as I was getting to sleep the other night I leapt out of bed to cats fighting outside - couldn't see them, and pretty sure it was Morph as he wasn't in. I tried to call him in, but he didn't come
  • Twitter has been an interesting trainwreck this week - goings on at the company, backlash from Modern Frontends Live! and the general exodus
  • Made Morph into a shotgun (example from YouTube)
  • Carol came over for nachos and a catch up which was nice, and Cookie got OK towards the end, but wasn't the most chill, and jumped up onto one of the dining room chairs 😬. Still had a nice evening and was good to hang


  • Lucifer
    • A very good end to the series as a whole, and a great sign of what finishing a series can be, when you've got time to get it right
  • Community
  • Blockbuster
  • Slumberland
  • Shadow and Bone

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