Week Notes 22#45

A fairly good week, with some nice cuddles with the fur babies:

  • Cookie's been fairly good this week, and very cute and cuddly
  • On a walk today, Cookie seemed to have hurt her paw, and didn't want to step on it, so we tried to have a look, but she didn't seem to want us to touch it. Anna had to carry her the couple of minutes' walk back to the car, and she jumped into Anna's arms voluntarily twice to go back πŸ₯Ί We were very worried, but she was back to normal before long
  • It was the Deliveroo Friday lunch this week so had a very yum Five Guys - even though I'd had one the day before too πŸ™ŠπŸ˜‹
  • Been playing some more with getting Mend's On-Prem offering for Renovate running, and been appreciative of the support of the team on the various Renovate issue trackers
  • Morph's been spending a lot of the week on a chair in the dining room which is a really nice to see how far Cookie's come from originally, where Morph could barely step into the dining room, and now he's coexisting, sometimes even getting into the living room, and being allowed to lick Cookie's food bowl after she's finished πŸ™ˆ
  • Managed to get to the end of Rogue Legacy 2, although the final boss is still a bit too hard to beat right now
  • Morph and Cookie have been pretty good together, although there's been a bit of Cookie nipping / aggressively booping Morph, and Morph slapping / boxing Cookie πŸ˜…
  • Fixed @-mentions not working, which I'd accidentally broken when I tried to add Fediverse support
  • Learned how to use ALB path-based routing to selectively deny access to paths on a service, which was cool
  • Had a couple of days of Cookie parenting while Anna was at work, which were mostly OK, aside from Cookie pulling up the broken part of my door frame 😬
  • On Wednesday morning I had Cookie sleeping on my feet 😻
  • Had a nice Cookie walk with Mum, Dad and Auntie Anne on Saturday - she was mostly OK, but definitely overfed her a bit to keep her calm while we were having a coffee
  • Bought our first mince pies of the year πŸŽ…πŸ€Ά
  • Made some progress on bits around the house, and started on painting around the mirror outside of our bedroom
  • Have put in a stop-gap solution to auto-syndicate my posts to Bridgy Fed, so any posts should start showing up in everyones' feeds
  • Making some progress on Twitter-username-to-Twitter-List converter, so I can more easily set up my person-first reading experience. Nice first step before building all the things I needed


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