Week Notes 22#44

A very noisy week with Cookie (read: her barking and anxiety has been a bit too much, and not really helping me this week) while Anna was on a work trip, and then while Anna's family was down.

  • Halloween was very quiet which was good for Morph and Cookie. Ended up watching most of Sunshine but got to the scary bit and paused it, as home alone I didn't want to spook myself πŸ™ƒ
  • Ordered some candy corn and had my first taste of it for probably two decades - still as good as I remember!
  • Made some good progress with making Renovate more scalable this week at work, as well as playing around with arbitrarily grabbing dependency trees in general, so I can do some further analyses
    • Monday evening my brain got hijacked while trying to solve it, and fortunately I got to a good success point before bed, but it took a while for my brain to slow down, stop thinking about it as much, and let me get to sleep
  • Got to play Stray, as Dave brought an Xbox controller to ?. Enjoyed it so far, and it's very fun doing classic cat things like knocking things over, or incessantly meowing at doors
  • Had an interesting thought about making a Micropub bridge for GitLab, so I can use a Micropub client to be doing issue creation/updates, but avoiding being nerd sniped
  • Finalised my sort through of my social reader's feeds, but again thinking I need to better manage things even further with properly thinking about my feeds in terms of people and their various URLs (moreso with the Twitter exodus to (mostly) Mastodon)
  • The Twitter layoffs have led to a serious investment for folks in Mastodon and other platforms, so got around to setting up Bridgy Fed while looking after a very annoying Cookie while Anna's family were around
  • However, this led to me doing bits and pieces in between things, and caused a 90 minute outage on my site. Even worse, I didn't actually know it was broken cause CloudFront was still returning HTTP 200s πŸ™ƒ
  • Cookie surprised us by noticing her reflection in the skylight and barking at it 🀣
  • Although I ended up finishing my week notes at 2101 last Sunday, I forgot to git push them, and so it wasn't actually until yesterday they were live, woops!
  • Last night - Guy Fawkes / bonfire night - was pretty loud for the little ones, but they both did well, especially for Cookie's first significant fireworks
    • Cookie did hide under the dining room table while we were eating
    • Cookie ended up having an anxiety accident which was a shame, but we couldn't take her outside with it all
    • Morph got to come into the living room and sit on his tower, and was mostly left alone
  • Nice to see and have Anna's family over, but Cookie was certainly unmanageable at times, constantly wanting to be in the living room with the kids, which we didn't think would be good πŸ˜… Had some good food - tried out Miss Korea for dinner, and had some pretty good Korean fried chicken, and had Annie's breakfast today πŸ˜‹ Lots of waiting around for food though which wasn't ideal 😬
  • Had a nice few fires this week which has been very nice - it's taken the edge off the chill, and deffo happy with the choice of log burner, with a nice big window to watch the mesmerising flames
  • Had some nice times with Morph cuddles, both while Cookie was at daycare, and when she's been busy eating
  • Got a chance to fully utilise the new dining room table - with its extendiness - which worked really well
  • Virgin Media meaning to do work on Thursday - that then ended up being minimal impact - threw a spanner in the works for both of our work days


  • Sunshine
  • Lucifer
  • Community
  • Star Trek: Deep Space 9

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