Week Notes 22#43

A very cuddly week with both Cookie and Morph - individually.

  • Started the week off with Cookie being super snuggly in bed in the morning, and being a very nice way to wake up πŸ₯°
  • Cookie's been especially snuggly this week, lying on our legs and cuddling more, which is nice
  • Walk on Monday was cut short as fireworks for Diwali started
  • While Anna and Cookie were out for a walk on Wednesday, I had a good set of cuddles with Morph on the sofa πŸ₯°
  • On Thursday morning, with Cookie in daycare, Morph came exploring and was very loudly meowing/screaming at me and Anna πŸ˜… Was nice to have him upstairs and exploring, as pre-Cookie he wouldn't be allowed
  • Had a nice Saturday off from Cookie as she went to Anna's parents for the day
    • Started off with sofa time with Morph which was nice
    • Bought a couple of new coats to refresh my wardrobe, which look pretty great
    • Had a yum lunch out at Street Food Club with food from Banquet 1415 and shared a cocktail
    • Cookie had a mostly good day without us, although a little bit hyper / loud at times
  • Cookie finally got to the middle of one of her antlers and has been able to get the gooey insides
  • Finished off the bedroom, after some lunch times spent doing bits of touch ups
  • Had a lunchtime walk with Cookie, as the weather was pretty awful in the morning and wouldn't have been a fun walk for Anna and Cookie, and was nice to have a bit more of a relaxed lunch, although the park was a lot busier than expected
  • Morph's been particularly meowy and needy this week too, which has been cute and it's been nice to get some more time with him
  • Had a successful attempt to clip Cookie's nails after many months of being on the dremel, and thinking we may start back with the clippers, as the dremel takes so long
  • With the Apex Legends season coming to an end I've had a bit of a panicked week trying to at least get to level 100 before the new season - which I did today - but unfortunately not thinking I'll be able to get to 110 before Tuesday 😬
  • Played a lot of Rogue Legacy 2 and especially enjoying the Halloween update with the enemies wearing masks, and lots of pumpkins around


  • Star Trek: Deep Space 9
  • Everything, Everywhere, All At Once
  • Lucifer
  • Big Mouth

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