Week Notes 22#40

  • Was privileged to speak at work's Women in Tech Monthly alongside some awesome engineers about Hacktoberfest
  • Hacktoberfest has begun, and I've managed to get my first 4 contributions in, luckily, so I'm feeling less of the pressure, but the tracker didn't work for a while as it wouldn't (yet) handle the SSO for work being declined, so only just started appearing on my profile
  • Watched a lot of Dynasty
  • Had Mum and Dad stay till Saturday afternoon, and got some more time to catch up, and be with Cookie
    • Went to Broxtowe Park for a walk with Cookie, then Broad Oak for lunch, which was mostly OK, although Cookie wasn't perfect, we managed to eat a nice pie and have a drink
  • Cookie's spent yesterday afternoon and almost all of today napping πŸ₯°
  • GitLab's been telling me for months about getting my Open Source projects updated given the changes to user limits, but executive dysfunction, and I've ended up burning through all my minutes in my 2000 minutes' allowance in 6 days 😬 paid $10 for another 1000, and burned through that by midday today. Luckily I've got some space on my Kubernetes cluster to have some self-hosted runners running to save money
  • Played a lot of Rogue Legacy 2 this weekend
  • Bit disappointed in Apex Legends' Shadow Royale mode after the great fun of Gun Run, so been playing a bit less this week
  • Officially "out" with my ADHD, and it's been nice to hear from people who've felt similar and wanted to chat a bit more about it. I'm hoping to get my "how I got diagnosed" post out in the next few days
  • Got the new table and bed! Only set up the dining room table so far, which looks really nice, and is much bigger at a 6 seater, with the chance to go up to 12, which will be perfect for us hosting Anna's family over Xmas
  • My recommendations site has been a little awkward to publish content to, as the post-types that existing Micropub clients use don't quite fit within what I want to do, so I've decided I'm going to need to port my autoconfiguring editor to a form that everyone can use (or at least, not have hardcoded code to manage the two identities I had at the time I set it up. Although it'd be good to play around with my Go libraries more, I think I'll put it on the Architect Framework (maybe with TypeScript this time?) to give me a super low cost and quicker ability to ship code
  • Ahead of her first birthday tomorrow πŸ₯Ί Cookie's been giving us hope with being generally quite chill and cuddly
  • Considering porting some of my Kubernetes-hosted Spring Boot services to Go, or at least using a smaller buildpack, so I can save some resources + money
  • Been getting more time with Morph in the living room, and this afternoon, we had both of them sleeping in the same room - Cookie on the footstool and Morph on his tower
  • Bit worried about Morph as today he's barely eaten his food πŸ₯Ί


  • Dynasty
  • Star Trek: Deep Space 9
  • She Hulk: Attorney at Law
  • House of the Dragon
  • Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power

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