Week Notes 22#36

  • Went into town for a nice afternoon coworking with Carol at Broadway which was really nice - had good nachos, good vibes and some nice chats around work
    • Managed to get home OK before Cookie arrived, as we were a little more time concerned, as I didn't know exactly when she'd be dropped off
  • Was nice to have Anna back from the hen do (later than expected) on Monday
    • A bit of a later arrival than hoped, but luckily Cookie wasn't too wild
  • With it being September, I'm officially starting work on planning ahead for Hacktoberfest!
    • I'm going to be running some stuff at work, so starting to look at the breakdown of libraries we've got across projects and where some contributions could be useful
    • I'm also naturally going to want to have a blog post about it, so now the branding is all available - at the new landing site, hacktoberfest.com - I can get going!
    • I may be doing a meetup session about it too, keep your eyes peeled
  • Got one of my AWS Lambda blog posts popular with some internal Amazon people this weekend - had a fair bit of traffic, and nice to see it's been circulating very likely with some of the folks that are best placed to take the feedback!
  • Started work on our internal API docs platform, and may be nice to Open Source it, if it's of use
  • Had Carol over for Deliveroo Friday Lunch, which was nice to share with her and to have her over! Tried out Mix & Match and got some feedback to share too
  • Made some fake poutine - after a convo with Alex about it the other day - with some leftover roast chicken, leftover chips from Athenian, and it was very good - albeit not at all authentic - 😋
    • I also gave Morph deconstructed poutine which he really liked 😻
  • Had a family thing with Anna's family today, so had Dave and Faye to stay since yesterday, and had a very good Rakki Rakkas, got some tasty things from the farmer's market, and made a nommy gammon in the Ninja 😋
  • Cookie has been guarding everywhere from Morph 😅 he's not having a great life at the moment, so I'm doing what I can to make sure he knows he's loved
  • Cookie's been pretty annoying this week, especially frustrated at not being allowed in the living room until she's actually chill, and she's been really damaging the white gate that blocks the kitchen, to the point we've had to wipe large swathes of paint flecks off her face
  • queen
  • Queen Elizabeth II has died - I'm not a Royalist, but appreciate that it's a big event in our lifetimes
  • Got a burst of executive energy on Wednesday and managed to do a load of house related things
    • Ordered a new washing machine - after many months/years of thinking we should get a new one, and it's going to be 10x more efficient, which is excellent given the coming energy prices 😬
  • Started mentally brainstorming my plan to provide a person-first approach to Microsub, but naturally won't have time to actually get to it. Hoping before long I'll be able to have it sorted and I can manage my feeds more appropriately, across identities and silos
  • Decided I can use my new handy Micropub endpoint to capture recommendations for folks, such as TV, places to eat, etc. It'll eventually be live at recommendations.jvt.me, and will mean I don't need to remember things in my head, and can better categorise too
  • Back to updating cert-manager so I don't have my Kubernetes certificates updated - hoping that before too long I'll be off Kubernetes and have all my apps onto Fly.io, but there's not enough time in the day to do the work needed, probably at least this year
  • Heard some munching the other night while sitting on the sofa, and came into the kitchen to Morph chowing down on Cookie's biscuits 😹
  • Needed to go and do a suit fitting but been putting it off all week
  • Finally received a new fidget cube from Etsy, and it's a bit basic, and not nearly as nice as the one I'd got from Amazon a while back that Anna's using, so I've ordered a new one


  • Old House, New Home / Ugly House To Lovely Home
  • How To Build a Sex Room
  • She Hulk: Attorney at Law
  • House of the Dragon

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