Week Notes 22#35

Bank Holiday, leading into four day solo Cookie care.

  • Did a brunch on Bank Holiday Monday, with a lot of fruit and pastries, and was nice to have Carol over too πŸ˜„
    • Carol made some super yummy pancakes which perfectly rounded off the meal :chefs_kiss:
  • Writing a fair bit in my journal this week
  • Also been improving the site more, tweaking the underlying Micropub code + adding more functionality, as well as some UI tweaks like actually rendering HTML for posts, and making it easier to view the list of posts
  • Cookie's not been letting Morph basically be anywhere this week, which is not great, and means he's often being chased out of the dining room into his safe kitchen area, but then leaves because she keeps barking at him πŸ‘Ή
  • Had an especially long walk with Cookie on Wednesday, partly as I dropped the chicken pouch, and tried to retrace my steps to find it, but no dice
  • Made a start on the lawn, but didn't end up having much time to do it, as it's long and difficult to make my way through it
  • With Cookie at daycare, and the doors open while Anna was prepping for friends coming over, Morph came exploring, and spent a lot of time in my office - under the spare bed, and then on my desk, wanting belly rubs and kneading my belly. He unmuted my microphone at one point distracting the cross-team standup I was in πŸ˜…
  • I've been getting much better at dicing vegetables recently, but saw a TikTok with a dicing box that looked super great, and although I couldn't get the exact one, I got an alternative that's pretty good! Also very sharp - within 30 seconds of using it I'd cut my finger 😬
    • Cookie was very confused by me having a plaster on, and almost licked it off. She did seem concerned about me, which was cute
    • One day I was making lunch and Cookie could not cope with the sound I was making by getting the veg out and started very loudly barking at me 😬
  • After seeing Anna's parents knife block, I bought one similar but the one I got is noticeably cheap compared to what they have 😬
  • With Anna at a hen do, I've been solo with Cookie, which has actually been OK! Definitely better than if it had been a matter of weeks, let alone months ago
  • Cookie's had such a chill weekend, recovering from her Friday at daycare. She was so sleepy on Friday night that she couldn't even come up to bed - or even look at me while I was saying we should go to bed, so I left her downstairs, and at some point in the night she came up πŸ₯°
  • Had a pretty lazy weekend, not cooking at all πŸ˜… At least it wasn't a fresh takeaway each meal as I've managed to make Wandering Dragon on Friday stretch (although unfortunately it wasn't nearly as good as usual)
    • Had some later nights - gaming and coding till later than usual
    • Been a little feral, so I've just left the curtains closed and generally ignored life
  • Nice to see Carol on Sunday morning for brunch at Homemade, but both the pups were a fan of making things difficult πŸ˜… Nice to have a bit of a catch up, and some doggo socialising
    • On the way back Cookie was a bit spooked a couple of times, and bolted into the road (luckily with no cars near) when a person opened their door to put something in the bins 😬
  • Although Cookie's been doing it on and off for a few weeks, Cookie's now consistently bringing a toy into the living room, proceeding to bringing in more over the evening, and it's so cute! This evening she brought her biscuit ball, which she only plays with when there are biscuits in it πŸ˜…
  • My TikTok has been wild with this reddit post's annoyingly intrusive song
  • Last night I had Cookie wake me up at ~0215 barking as if someone was breaking into the house, despite no one being there, which is not fun when you're home alone 😬 Naturally the intrusive thoughts tried to get me thinking of spooky things as I came out of the loo, too
  • Got a TikTok comment up to ~260 likes (so far), and it makes me chuckle every time I read it
  • Morph gave Cookie a proper boxing this morning - she didn't seem to be doing anything in particular wrong, but I think after all the things she's been doing to him it's fair
  • On the first time I came home - while Anna's been away - the lock of the door looked like the key had broken off inside of it and I was so panicked but fortunately that's just how it usually looks and it was all good. Heart properly leapt out of my skin
  • Been giving Cookie more time on her own / with us leaving the house for a few minutes at a time, which is helping


  • How To Build a Sex Room
  • She Hulk: Attorney at Law
  • Day Shift
  • Untold: The Girlfriend Who Didn't Exist
  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
  • House of the Dragon

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