Week Notes 22#34

The week with a fully functioning journal! Been nice being able to store my private thoughts somewhere, moreso because it's given me a project to sink my teeth into and sort out some of the prep work before I move my site to a dynamic site, too. It's definitely been taking a lot of my spare time to sort it out, but it's been worth it for the benefits, and means I don't need to add awkward vague things in here.

  • Had a nice catch up with Tushar in town on Thursday, which was nice to see him, share some gossip, and generally catch up, as it's been a while!
  • Took a longer long weekend, with Friday off as well
    • The plan was to tire Cookie out then go in town for a bit of shopping, but ended up only Anna going in, and me looking after the πŸ‘Ή
    • Started the day off at Rushcliffe park, and had a good run around and time in the agility training
    • Had our first pub lunch out (at Broad Oak) together since getting Cookie, which was fairly chill despite other dogs being outside
    • While we were waiting for food, a couple of horses came down the street, and Cookie did not like it πŸ™ƒ Previous times she's seen them she's been a little inquisitive, but this time she was clearly spooked and unhappy with them being around, so lots of barking. Then didn't help that the owners came to the pub and sat a couple of tables away with their horses. Cookie wasn't too bad, fortunately, but bit more of a stressful lunch than hoped
    • With all that excitement, we decided that Anna would go in, and I'd stick with Cookie. If Cookie was chill I could head in, but then we decided I'd just stay with her
    • Had a shandy πŸ˜‹
    • We had a lovely day of it - although not quite everything we wanted to do, it was still nice to have, and it was a big step from our lack of outings up until now
  • Dave and Faye came to stay, so we could all see Anna's Dad for his birthday, which was nice
    • Cookie got a bit guard-dog-y in the night, hearing one of our guests moving in the night and howling at them 😬 Not what you want to wake up to at 4am!
    • Had a good Sunday roast today, and Cookie did surprisingly well at their house - the second house visit she's ever had outside of ours! - despite some barking, and trying to jump in the pond
  • After many years of using the Wallabag Android app, I finally discovered that I can turn on dark mode πŸ˜…
  • At work, it's been an Operational Excellence sprint, so spent a couple of days getting our first backlog of work ready, then started on some low hanging fruit - didn't quite get it all sorted before the long weekend, but happy with the bits I did around DataDog DB monitoring - saving a good deal of money yearly, as well as giving us better insight into our DBs
  • Cookie's been not as good on her own 😬 couple of barking incidents while we've been out of the house - once to Sherwood - and once to just go to the shops. Going to be going back to trying to build her up to us being absent and comfortable with it
  • Cookie's been presenting her belly for belly rubs this week, which is an amazing development, and I'm very happy that she likes it and appears to be asking for it - I'm reinforcing it and making sure that is what she wants, too
  • Chris got Geoffrey, and I'm very much enjoying the lovely pupdates 😻


  • Glow
  • She Hulk: Attorney at Law
  • Twilight: New Moon
  • Day Shift
  • Inside the Mind of a Cat
  • Untold: The Girlfriend Who Didn't Exist
  • The Kominsky Method
  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

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