Week Notes 22#33

  • Feeling a bit under the weather with not COVID, but some of the symptoms of cough and feeling a bit rough
  • Cookie had a great full day at daycare
  • Monday morning started off with Cookie licking my armpit and my leg in bed, which was very cute
  • Had a great first co-working half day in town with Carol
    • Mostly just chilled in Cartwheel and respectively worked and chatted a bit
    • Managed to get to one of my work side projects while I had some time that wasn't good to be pairing - as there was a bit of background noise
    • Was nice to be out and about, and of course nice to have some great company, and then go out for lunch!
  • Front page of Hacker News with my "learning Go" post
    • No spicy comments, which is a bit of a relief, although I live for the drama
    • Thinking of writing a post about what it's like being on the front page and getting so much traffic + chat across the internet
  • Ended up cooking home-made satay for lunches
  • Cookie's been in a bit of a chewing mood - she got the bedroom Hue light switch the other night. Not for long, but longer than she should have
  • Ended up making the mistake of going into Lidl hungry and bought a lot of tasty things 😅 but also a few adult things, so calling it quits!
  • Had some great cuddles with Morph on Friday afternoon - Cookie wasn't the most enthusiastic about it, and came to sniff my face while I was sitting on the conservatory floor with Morph on my lap
  • From Friday I managed to finally make progress on my private posts, with a new site journal.jvt.me
    • There's been several months of inaction while I've been thinking about what's needed to convert my site from a static site to a Micropub-based dynamic site, but after thinking about wanting to journal / store my private thoughts a bit better, thought this would be a good chance to flesh out the work instead of it being the insurmountable weight of a massive site migration
    • Found that just trying to hack something in, instead of write production-grade code, was a much better approach, and has worked!
    • Used a mix of my existing code in micropub-go to streamline the process, and some of the prep thinking I'd done ahead of it
    • Going to be moving the code into micropub-go's server-side support
    • Got to play around with sqlc, too, which was good
    • Got enough to be able to start posting privately to it, but will probably leave it until tomorrow to finalise a couple of things
    • Really enjoying fly.io as aplatform
  • Did a stir fry on Saturday with the new Hoisin sauce from Lidl, and it was very good! But the stir-fry veg I got was very sweaty, and not a good choice
  • I think Cookie's learning how to ask for me to scratch her belly cause this morning we had lots of belly scratches, and she kept coming back over to me and plopping on her side with her belly out, and when I'd stop, she'd look up at me like 🙄
  • Morph nommed my face this morning - while purring and having a great time - which is the first time he's actually caught me in a while
  • Went to Rushcliffe park on Saturday. We had a good run around, did some agility training, and Cookie didn't escape, too!
  • Today we went to Rufford Abbey with Anna's family, but Cookie wasn't super great
    • One time we went off to calm down, and she ended up getting a stick stuck in her harness and panicked a bit 🥺
    • When lunch was ready, I burnt my mouth on the pizza - trying to have a quick bite before we moved to get a better spot - and regretted it all day 😅


  • She Hulk: Attorney at Law
  • I am Groot
  • I Love You, Man
  • Ted Lasso
  • Glow
  • Twilight

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