Week Notes 22#32

A warm week, and giving Cookie some more time on her own

  • It's been another hot week
    • Not quite as hot the other week, but still early 30s
    • Lots of fans, ice in drinks and mango sorbet
  • Down to London for the weekend to celebrate Mum's birthday
    • I headed up earlier on Friday to avoid train strikes, and got to Miller and Carter for dinner πŸ˜‹ was our first meal out as a family since March 2020, and was very nice
    • Had some good food - mint chocolate cheesecake, Dishoom's chicken biryani, some home-made nachos, and a great steak to name a few
    • Got to see all the cool changes at the bungalow
    • Surprisingly got a nice hello from Luna
  • Haven't actually written any code for HTTP caching, but I've been doing some research into it and that I'll need to write a library for the new RFC 9111 standard
  • Was nice to have some train journeys to just sit down and blog/tinker away at things
  • Cookie was home alone on Thursday while we went to Sherwood to pick up a few things
    • Picked up some nommy stuff from Nibbles in Sherwood while we were there
    • Saw Dylan and had a bit of a catchup
  • Came around time for my next therapy, and a lot to catch up on
  • Went into town to measure up for a tailored suit 😱
    • lots and lots of choices to make, but managed to get there in the end, and excited to see what the result will be
    • Also led to a good three hours of Cookie being on her own, which was mostly OK
  • May be able to get Linux at work πŸ‘€
  • Installed the Linux jigsaw game palapeli for a bit of something over the weekend, which was quite useful, as well as on the train home
  • Had a lovely welcome from Cookie when I got home πŸ₯°


  • Ted Lasso
  • Star Trek: Deep Space 9
  • Selling Sunset
  • Glow

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