Week Notes 22#30

A nicer week weather wise, although a mix of rain and being fairly warm.

  • Finally got to visit the new daycare for Cookie which went well, and hoping to have her in at the end of this coming week for a trial half-day
  • Got the old sofa collected, so now there's a bit more room in the garage
  • Mum and Dad came to stay on the way back from holiday which was nice
    • Started, and finished, the wooden puzzle I got earlier in the year, which was fun and difficult
  • Ended up absolutely shattered and exhausted on Saturday night, and spent a lot of Sunday shattered, so tomorrow morning we're going to do COVID tests 😬
  • Playing a fair bit of Rogue Legacy
  • Been starting my implementation on a content-negotiation library for Go, and finding it a bit awkward to need to write so much of the underlying code, as the standard library's media types don't quite support the level of functionality we need to have
  • Had some good cuddles with Morph this week, both in the living room and the conservatory
  • Slipped down the final stair when coming down the stairs one night - annoyingly as Hue didn't trigger - and have got a pretty bruised toe and foot, which has made walking a little bit awkward
  • Written a good chunk of my "learning Go" blog post, but didn't quite get around to finishing it off
  • Had Cookie on the other side of the barrier in the living room to reduce being a bit naughty, and it's been working and she's been much more comfortable being on her own throughout the day, too
  • Missed Wordle, Quordle, Moviedle and Posterdle yesterday 😭
  • In a fun state of affairs, may end up implementing the CDDO Federated API Model at Deliveroo πŸ€“ But may get a chance to feed back some thoughts for what we're going to be doing for additional functionality, and loading in of data
  • A fairly busy week at work between a few projects
  • Went to Rushcliffe park, and had a lovely time
    • Cookie had some time on the agility training area, but we had to keep being careful cause some idiot kid was being let run around (despite it meant to be a dog-only safe zone) and scaring her a little
    • But didn't go great all the time - while I went for a wee, Anna and Cookie went to the leads-off area, and as I was coming out I heard Anna calling after Cookie, and I came out to see her bounding towards the kid's area - maybe looking for me - and ignoring Anna's calls to her. Despite my poorly foot, I sprinted after her, and almost caught up when she saw me and ran back towards me, and I managed to grab her lead so she couldn't get away again. Very embarrassing for us both and very visibly being watched by all 😬
  • Had a nice time out at Homemade
  • Cookie absolutely howled at an intruder one night while I was taking her for a last minute loo break - it turns out it was a cat, not a Demigorgon - but she was properly going at it, and I needed to get some good treats to convince her back in and to be quiet at 1030 😬
  • Cookie's possibly got some joint problems, so we've got some medicine to give her on her food, and some chewy treats to try and build her strength up
  • Both Cookie and Morph have been going for each other this week, with Morph properly swiping / chasing after Cookie, and Cookie nipping at the back of Morph's head as he walks past πŸ’€
  • Morph's been coming upstairs a little bit more, which has made Cookie a bit more terrorial
  • Started trying to do a pull-up a day on the pull-up bar that the previous owners built in the hallway
  • I'm now a maintainer (with triage access, for now) on oapi-codegen πŸ‘


  • Uncoupled
  • The Circle
  • God's Favourite Idiot
  • Star Trek: Deep Space 9

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