Week Notes 22#28

Not quite as exhaustingly hot, but still pretty warm!

  • Got some good feedback that me being on holiday was noticed πŸ₯°
  • Been doing a lot of shopping with Prime Day (yeah, I know..) and Google having some good savings
    • Anna got a new phone as hers was playing up - with exactly the same bootloop that I had before we got Cookie - and there was a good deal
    • Got Google Nest WiFi and a booster
    • Got some hedge trimmers and managed to get it more under control
    • Got a pressure washer and did a few bits, but may have taken a bit too much of the mortar out of the garden wall πŸ™ˆ
    • Was very excited to have a pop-up power grommet for my desk with wireless charging + regular plug sockets too, but turns out in the rush to buy it, I ended up not seeing it was rather large and definitely not office desk sized πŸ˜…
    • Also picked up some more food containers as we're forever running out - especially with all of Cookie's food, as well as a new electric toothbrush to replace the (very old) one I've been using as backup since my regular one broke a few months back
  • Got Google Nest WiFi
    • So far it's been really great
    • Nice to have an easier way to interact and manage it, and it's pretty cool being able to spy on the devices, their network status, and even how much traffic they're pulling
    • Setting it up ~10 mins before going to bed on Friday night was not a great idea, especially as it didn't work straight away, was a bit fiddly with Virgin Media, and I couldn't get my work laptop's Ethernet working (possible other hardware issues, as it wasn't charging either 😬) nor my personal one, but managed to get some forum posts while brushing my teeth and then got it sorted before bed so at least Hue could work
    • Been thinking of getting mesh network for a while after Andrew had been praising them, and then when Jacob mentioned it the other day, I spotted they were reduced and thought, why not?
  • Care Tech did a takeover of the Friday Tech Huddle, so I joined to speak about OpenAPI
    • Prompted some good discussions and highlighted a few other places similar things are being done, and where we may want to add other new things
    • The team decided it'd be good to have "Jamie's website is ..." on each and every slide which was very on brand, and of course got more hits on my site πŸ‘
  • Cookie woke us up very early on Saturday, which was not appreciated after a not great night's sleep
  • Got a double takeaway at lunch on Saturday as one delivery service was ahem not working
  • My monitor display issues (from when connected to my work M1 Macbook via USB-C) got a bit worse, so much so I've put an official query into Dell for it
    • Just hours before the Tech Huddle, too!
    • Also meant that pre-Huddle I couldn't i.e. do some dailies
  • Bought Rogue Legacy on the Switch, which is the previous version to the one I played on Dave's SteamDeck, but it's still good fun and it's been a fun sofa game
  • Also been following Anna playing Baba is You
  • Another pretty chill day for Cookie while Anna was in the office - she's definitely getting better!
  • Been using VSCode properly this week, as I've been using GitHub Codespaces for $bigproject at work to simplify setup, after a few days of problematic issues
  • Our last puppy training class which went well, and it's been great to see how far Cookie's come since we've had her, and even between the two courses she's been on


  • Ms Marvel
  • Star Trek: Deep Space 9
  • The Floor Is Lava
  • The Umbrella Academy (has been watched by Anna while I'm playing Rogue Legacy

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