Week Notes 22#27

Week off for Anna's birthday, and some pretty glorious weather

  • Started the week off with a lovely spa day at Eden Hall for Anna's birthday - the day began with a combined massage + facial, then we had a nap in the slumber room, had a lovely 3 course meal, then chilled around the pool and hot tub, and had a mix of the various rooms like the rose steam room, saunarium and the herbal caldarium
  • Went to Clumber Park with some of Anna's fam
  • Had a lovely catch up with Neeshu in town on Tuesday
  • Had a nice Homebrew with Heloa joining from Brazil, and Mark from Leicester
  • But Cookie wasn't too happy with Anna being at yoga, so I ended up spending most of the evening with her, which ended with her being (what I thought was) pretty chill in the living room while I was tidying ahead of the cleaners, but came in to see she was nibbling on my laptop charger 😳 luckily she was OK, even though she'd got it all the way to exposed wires, but wasn't great at all, especially as this week she also took a proper chomp out of the TV remote which has broken the microphone in it. The chewing of the cable was likely due to me forgetting to give her a good chunk of her dinner, as I'd missed that she had a portion of Butternut Box, so that was definitely on me
  • Managed to get around to providing a dashboard for GitLab issues raised across my OSS repos, which is handy to give me visibility over feature/bug requests
  • Did some Job DSL maintenance
  • Started thinking about what my new Micropub server would look like, via some interfaces drafted for micropub-go, although there's still a giant list of things to do that's really putting me off starting, although I really want to be on the other side of it, with a dynamically generated site
  • Tried a creme soda drink for the first time, which was pretty nice
  • Dave and Faye came to stay over the weekend which was nice
    • Got to play with the Steam Deck which was cool for some games (very much enjoyed Rogue Legacy 2), but did not get on well with Half Life 2, so probably not going to be getting it as a substitute for my PC for all games
    • Had Anna's family over on Saturday which was mostly OK, but Cookie wasn't super happy with everyone around and being on a lead, and with the weather so warm, being a bit hot and bothered already
    • Some late nights while catching up
  • My parents are now testing negative and on the other side of covid 👏
  • We're now caught up on Stranger Things, which has been a pretty big chunk of the week!
  • Dropped my phone on the way to Lidl this morning, but fortunately it landed on the edge, not the screen, luckily, and it's all OK
  • On the whole Cookie's been much better, and it's been great how much calmer she's been around people, and a real testament to how far she's come
  • Been a lovely chilled week
  • Went to see Thor: Love and Thunder, which was great! Also great to see it so soon after it came out, given we didn't get to Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness until it was almost on Disney+ 😅


  • Kim's Convenience
  • The Boys
  • Ms Marvel
  • Stranger Things
  • Star Trek: Deep Space 9
  • Thor: Love and Thunder

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