Week Notes 22#26

  • Finally started looking realistically at an SQLite/Postgres backed dynamic Micropub endpoint
    • As a means to be able to start moving my own site to a dynamic basis, to speed up at least early syndication to i.e. Twitter, but also to give me more control over the site and produce things like private posts
    • It's looking positive with SQLite's JSON support, which I'll be using on Fly.io, in what'll be a very small Go application, backed by my micropub library which will provide a full server stack implementation
  • Finishing off things before my first week away from work, which will be a good sign of how well I can switch off given how busy I've been recently, but also 100% felt like I've needed a holiday this week
  • Cookie's definitely grown, because she's been sticking her head onto the table / counter, which is very naughty. She got down a packet of her treats earlier in the week, and then when trying to do it again, she knocked down a teapot. Luckily she was OK, but not great behaviour
  • Had an uneventful 11th birthday for Morph
  • Got around to looking again at Rest Assured' MTLS support - without using deprecated things - given a nudge on GitHub, but unfortunately it's not yet gonna be solved without upstream support
  • A surprisingly chill Wednesday with Cookie while Anna was at work, where she mostly slept, and was pretty uninterested after Anna left for work which was a hugely positive change in behaviour!
  • Dad's birthday visit to us was cancelled when on Tuesday he found he was COVID positive πŸ₯Ί He's had fairly mild symptoms, with a bit flu-like, but not so bad overall
  • Cookie almost escaped while I was on the phone with the fam - and a parcel arrived - and luckily the delivery person closed the gate behind them before she could sneak out. Would not have been good 😬
  • Trialing Butternut Box for Cookie, which so far has been tasty and has a really fun feel in all their branding and resources
  • After finding out the satay chicken bites from Lidl are more expensive than we'd thought, I ended up cooking(!) of my own free will(!) on a weekend(!) to make satay chicken, which has turned out pretty nicely. Not quite the same, but it's still super tasty, and there's a lot more of it for less money!
  • Then today, we found out Mum - who's vulnerable - is also positive πŸ₯Ί which is not great. We're waiting to hear back about extra support, and any other steps to protect but really just good vibes 🀞
  • A disappointing dinner tonight from Locked 'n Loaded
  • Cookie's been pretty good this week - with her usual outbursts or not wanting to settle for a bit
  • Lovely to have Carol to stay overnight, as it's been a while since we've properly been able to catch up and hang πŸ₯°
  • Dave and Faye didn't need to stay in the end - as they've got a flat - but was a shame cause it would've been good to be able to help out and have them until things were sorted
  • Ethernet dying - again - was not super helpful and added to already difficult stuff going on this week, but fortunately after several reboots/factory resets, we got there


  • The Boys
  • Archer
  • Ms Marvel
  • Stranger Things
  • Star Trek: Deep Space 9

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