Week Notes 22#25

A busy week at work, a few evenings of Cookie care, and it not being as warm

  • First therapy for a while, which went OK, and I need to get a block booking set up for the coming weeks
  • Cookie had a vet's visit, partly to check up on her hay-fever, but also getting a vaccine
  • A bit more Cookie care than usual as Anna's been out and about, with mixed results
  • HWC wasn't quite as busy as I'd hoped - but was nice to have James there, and we had some good chats, before Cookie decided I should spend time convincing her that Anna would be back soon
  • Another good dog training - Cookie won again πŸ† - but devalued slightly by her being quite far from the other dogs during the sessions, so next time we're going to get a more central location and work on her listening to us when she's closer to distractions
  • Not yet got my work blog post out, but hoping it'll be next couple of days 🀞
  • New service at work went live and it's been great to see how quickly a new service - and consumers - can be shipped πŸš€
  • Partially written a couple of blog posts, but not yet got round to finishing them
  • Morph ventured into the living room for ~30 seconds, and Cookie didn't completely lose her shit, but also wasn't super chill overall. Still, progress!
  • Cookie shuddering with anticipated excitement when seeing a dog on a walk was so cute
  • At Gedling park today Cookie ended up barking at a statue of a rabbit, and was quite suspicious of it πŸ˜…
  • First paycheck with my normal salary, as my first month's paycheck was with my starting bonus, so it's nice to see my usual earnings πŸ€‘
  • Cookie's been waking me up for a bit more in the mornings, and it's not always been easy to get back to sleep
  • Cookie has been pretty cute with cuddles, and got very excited when I was looking at her and saying "lick" and licking my lips, so she jumped up and gave me some kisses 😻


  • Kim's Convenience
  • The Boys
  • Obi-Wan: Kenobi
  • Ms Marvel
  • Stranger Things
  • Star Trek: Deep Space 9
  • The Voices

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