Week Notes 22#23

New desk, and on-site in London!

  • Got my new Jarvis Fully, and will post photos when it's all finished, but it's very close to having my desk very nicely cable managed and set up properly for the first time
  • Cookie got her wobbler stuck under the drinks cabinet and came over and barked at me to come rescue it for her 🥺
  • It was the Deliveroo quarterly on-site in London
    • Had a very good few days of good food, good company, and a lot of socialising!
    • Had a lot of lovely folks say hi over my website t-shirt, and had some nice compliments
    • Did a lot of thinking about what we've done so far, and thinking ahead to the future
    • Got some discussions about OpenAPI, and definitely got a name for myself as a big fan 😅
    • Got a blog post draft written for the Roo blog on the train, hopefully it'll be up soon 👀
      • Did it as a talk to Care and Trust (Crust), so will be nice to be able to share it further!
    • Lovely to see the whole team, have a lot of social opportunities, and time to hang
    • Had an exciting evening on Wednesday with being taken out for a surprise dinner at Bierschenke
    • Had a good boat trip along the Thames as our planned Thursday social, and then out to New Young Cheng for dinner
    • Hotel was a fair bit away as London was booked up - which we presume was for the Jubilee - so did a fair bit of walking while I was there
    • Had the most excitable welcome home from Cookie which was super cute, and amazing to think what it'd be like if it was longer than three days I was away for
    • Headed back earlier than planned on Friday - as I was knackered from less sleep, lots of physical and mental exercise and socialising - which was good as it gave Anna a chance to go out for dinner with Carol
  • Cookie's been much better this week
    • She's been pretty cute, sleeping with our legs as pillows, or sleeping between the two of us looking at us 🥺
    • Had 1-1 dog training on Monday which went well, and gave us a load more confidence in what we're doing, and leaving Cookie alone a bit more to show her it's OK. Done some more crate training, and she's really much more chill this week. Spent a lot of time on her own and ??
    • Still had a bit of an annoying time with her though, she ain't perfect
  • Had Saturday breakfast with Cookie, Carol, and Juno which was really nice - they had a good play, we had a good catchup, and then while trying to eat the two of them played under the picnic table 🙈
  • Had a picnic in Wollaton Park with Emma and Andrew and Flora which was really nice!
  • Started work on a JSON to OpenAPI converter
  • Hit 20k clicks from Google in 28 days, my best stat so far
  • Cookie may have hayfever 🥺 We're giving her antihistamines and she's getting better, but we need to try and keep her out of long grass just to make sure it is that
  • Had my first Mr Whippy style ice cream in ages 😋
  • Got the new living room lamp, which is super bright, so we'll be getting a Hue for it, but looks nice
  • Been chatting with a soon-to-be-colleague about Roo, IndieWeb and much more which has been nice!
  • Yet again thinking of shuffling around my site to get things faster, as a ~7 minute turnaround time for each change is really painful, but I know I need to do a lot of rework to get to instant syndication
  • Had a couple of long walks with Cookie early in the week which was nice, and on Tuesday I took my headphones for the first time
  • With Chapati Junction closed on Saturday, we tried out Seoul Chikin which was very good and a nice change
  • Had my first issue raised by one of my ex-colleagues for one of the libraries I own, which we resolved pretty quickly


  • Kim's Convenience
    • Gutted it's finished 😞
  • No Time to Die
  • The Boys
  • Star Trek: Deep Space 9
  • Obi-Wan: Kenobi
  • Ms Marvel

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