Week Notes 22#22

Only three days at work, with the Queen's Platinum Jubilee making it a four day weekend.

  • Got 4 hours of freedom from Cookie to start off the long weekend!
    • We booked a trip for Cookie to Ruffles and she had such a lovely time
    • Getting takeaway without needing to worry about her trying to get the food was good
    • And Morph even came for first cuddles on the new sofa which was so nice 😊 he didn't spend the whole time on my lap, but had the rest of the time chilling on his living room tower
    • Spent a large amount of the time she was away by checking out Ruffle's instagram, and watching videos from the WhatsApp group 🥰
    • When she got back she was such a stinky girl, smelling of lots of doggos
  • Cookie's been pretty annoying
    • She's definitely been getting better in the evenings, and settling much quicker, but then at times needs a bit more effort and it's a lot
    • Luckily we've got trainer booked for 1-1 training tomorrow
    • She's also been super cute, and has had such lovely sleepy times and her little big sighs when she's mid-nap is so 🥰
    • She's been sleeping on her back a bit this week which is a good sign, and very cute!
    • She's been biting at us a little more, but it appears to be her trying to tell us something and interacting with us in a way that she knows how, even though it's frustrating and a little painful for us both
    • Definitely been adding a bit more stress to everything, but then she's back, to being cute and it makes it all worth it again. Luckily we're used to it from years of Morph 😅
  • We've decided that we won't be able to go away on holiday with Cookie, even family ones, as she's just not good enough right now. It's a shame, but given we're having a lot of difficulties with her in our own home, being away in someone else's AirBnB, it'd be way more stressful. She may get better over time, but committing to it is just a bit too much right now
  • Spent Wednesday morning downstairs, as Cookie did not enjoy Anna leaving
    • Took a while getting her settled, but she eventually did - after a chew and some crate time, then we spent a good amount of time settling down here as I wanted to make sure she slept
  • Got some ice cream for the first time in a while, and got some Asda pizzas, and although they were tomato sauce base not BBQ, they were pretty good
  • Had a nice picnic out on Saturday with Cookie over at Homemade, and managed to eat there without Cookie being a monster! At times she was a little like "huh why aren't we moving" but she had a nice chilled time, and it was lovely to go out
  • Spent a large amount of the weekend with OpenAPI testing Rails apps in my mind - doing bits and pieces of investigation where possible
  • Managed to get a bit more of a lie-in this week as Cookie's been a bit more chill in the mornings
  • Didn't have the best experience cutting Cookie's nails ahead of day care, but we got there eventually and hopefully didn't ruin our relationship with her
  • Had a very chilled weekend - on the whole, aside from some of Cookie's outbursts - and it's been nice
  • Bought my new Jarvis Fully desk - arriving this coming week - which I'm excited for
  • Got my monitor mount which has been super good, and made a big difference on my desk space already!
  • Another positive work week and shipping some great stuff 🚀


  • Kim's Convenience
  • No Time to Die (although we've not yet finished it)
  • The Boys
  • Star Trek: Deep Space 9
  • Obi-Wan: Kenobi

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