Week Notes 22#21

A really satisfying week at work, doing lots of OpenAPI and Go, pairing/ensemble programming, and making great progress with our new service at work. Been really happy with how things are going, loving the team and the way we work, and most importantly, feeling happy with being able to ship value and be an active contributor so early.

  • After almost five months of waiting, the new sofa is here!
    • Spent a good chunk of Saturday clearing out the garage and making room for them to bring the new sofa through, and put the old sofa after, until it's collected
    • Cookie's been digging on it, which isn't the perfect start to it, but as I'm writing this sentence, she's snoring away, leaning against my leg
  • Sorted out my awkward autocomplete issue in Neovim so I'm super speedy with my setup, and it's definitely been helping me be more productive in Go
  • Finally got our usual Asda pizzas, and it was so good 😋 been a while since we've had them
  • Had a lot of chats with ex-colleagues, which has been nice
  • Cookie has been a monster this week
    • Shes been good during the days, but the evenings have been really difficult - lots of barking, chewing
    • We've brought back the pen, and been doing more crate training
    • She's got good at being on her lead - attached to the table - and napping in the dining room, but not ideal that we need to do that
    • Spent lots of time with subtitles on 😅
    • Been giving her some yard time, but trying to keep her in the crate/pen to reduce damage to the house, as she's feeling a little more destructive this week
    • She chased Morph a little more than usual and one day he hid under a chair in the conservatory 😳 Poor BB
  • Took Cookie to get her nails done 💅 She was a good girl, despite a needing to walk down a very busy road, and there being a dog while she was getting them done
  • After some research, we've been doing less walks with Cookie, and focussing on mental stimulation instead of physical
  • First payday 🤑💸
    • After a few days of thinking of celebrating with something different, today we got a Kaspa's dessert for a late afternoon treat, which was 😋
    • Bought my new Jarvis Fully desk, and Ergotron monitor mount, after seeing how well Anna's got on with both of them


  • Obi Wan Kenobi
  • Kim's Convenience
  • Star Trek: Deep Space 9

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