Week Notes 22#19

The one with my first trip to work!

  • Carried on being top of Hacker News on Monday, meaning a tonne more comments and hits, as well as appearing in a few newsletters, and seeing a bit more traffic through the week
  • Wrote my "lessons learned" for a Spring Boot service, which is a piece of work I was really happy with, and has been partially written for quite a few weeks, so was good to just sit down and do it!
  • My first week with the team went really well, getting stuck into a lot of the things going on, and I had a lot of 1-1s to chat with the various members of the teams which was good
    • Led a session wide chance to lead - on API design at work for some new things we're building- originally meant to be two of us, but then it was the whole team which was cool, and was cool to be my first session to lead in the team, in week 3!
      • Unfortunately Cookie had other plans, as I was looking after her, and she kept barking and scratching against the door, so took her down and she was a little bit annoying as I wanted to get through it 😅 but it was OK generally, we got through a fair bit of it!
  • Off to London for the annual Deliveroo hackathon, Hackaroo22, which was really great
    • Wasn't originally planning on it due to Cookie care, but we made it work, and I was really appreciative to Anna 💜
    • Absolutely great chance to meet a tonne of people - my manager, product folks, a few of our team and the others
    • Made some good efforts with Pact and pushing things forward, as well as getting a chance to integrate it in with some of Care's services, which was a good chance to get stuck in a little more
    • Hacking with Elly was really nice, as between pairing we got a lot of chance to get to know each other, and then being out for a couple of drinks with Riccardo and Simon (and a few others from the team!) meant we had a lot of great time to bond
    • Although I was definitely knackered after all the socialising, and just generally being around a lot more noise than I was used to, I'm so glad I was able to make it!
    • Was weird to not be at home, nor having Anna or Cookie always around
    • Didn't say goodbye to Cookie before I left - as we're trying to make sure that we don't train her that goodbye means us leaving - and she'd apparently been looking for me on Thursday, but I came back to such a loving welcome which was so very cute and heart filling 💜
  • Morph has definitely missed me, as Anna's not able to give him any attention because Cookie constantly comes over and he doesn't like it
    • Been really nice that he has been so chill, and happy to be picked up when he wouldn't usually
  • Cookie's been getting slowly worse through the week, chewing absolutely everything
    • She's been getting better when she's on a lead and tethered to a place, within reach of a bed
  • Had my first solo walk with Cookie which went very well, we met a couple of dogs and she was pretty good on lead, and then we had a good couple of minutes run down the street to burn off the excitement post doggo interaction
  • With last week's Virgin Media tethering, I ended up running out of data just as I ended up getting on the train and then had an incredibly stressful time trying to get to more data added - exorbitantly, I'll add, by O2 - and my Railcard didn't download with the very poor train wifi, so between trying to frantically refresh O2 or try to call up with very poor phone signal. Ended up getting it in time for the second round of ticket inspectors, so luckily didn't need to re-purchase
  • Feel like I've definitely picked something up - likely in London - and although I'm still negative on LFTs, I'm presenting a lot of Omicron symptoms 😰
    • Waking up this morning and having a super sore throat, after it being a bit tickly last night, and doing an LFT before everyone woke up
  • Not played much of the new Apex Legends season because of prepping for the family, and my trip to London
  • Lovely family visit at the weekend
    • Made lamb tabbouleh, had Annie's and fresh roast chicken sandwiches 😋
    • Had a lot of Doughnotts, which were super yum
  • Today Cookie was off lead twice - first this morning when out for a walk with the parents, playing with another dog, and this evening having a good run around. She even came in from the car off lead - hoping we'll get her to a good place where she's comfortable with being off lead - and recalling - while also being OK being on lead for some of the time
  • On our evening walk, Cookie was running back to us down the hill and vommed, but kept running, which was very funny and I wish I recorded it!
  • After many months of frustration of dealing with blunt scissors, I ended up buying a scissor sharpener - as a step before just buying new ones - and it's been amazing! Made such a difference

Will probably add a bit more to this tomorrow when I've had a bit more rest.


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