Week Notes 22#18

Week two at Deliveroo:

  • The last main bits of onboarding, and getting settled into the organisation
  • Got my new starter swag
  • Got a chance to play around with some jq for data crunching, which was a good way to show my value, and a good chance to play with it when I usually would use a hand-rolled Ruby script or similar, and it was fine? I wouldn't say it was the quickest path to the solution, but it worked in the end.
  • Had a really great first experience of the team's "how are you feeling" session on Friday, and was a really great insight into the team's culture
  • Did my first bit of "real life" Go in one of our services, which was nice to get stuck into a project and start learning how we do things
  • A quiet bank holiday with Anna out, but Cookie and I chilled, and I got around to starting and finishing my blog post about the job hunt
  • Met Carol and Juno in the park on Tuesday which was not super planned, but was lovely to see her, and nice for Cookie and Juno to meet for the first time. Thought it'd be a bit intense of a meet, after a long walk, but it went well, Cookie had a lovely time and we're looking forward to having another play session soon
  • Some more work in micropub-go to make it more useful, introducing better patterns and hopefully making it a bit more Go-y
  • Virgin Media doing maintenance, which meant pretty much a whole day tethering - it was pre-warned, but in the past we've had basically zero interaction, so was annoying to have a real bit of impact
  • Got 18 minutes into Headspace one night before Cookie decided she needed to go out again 🙄
  • Headspace, in honour of May the 4th, brought out some Star Wars sleepcasts, which are a little more exciting than the usual ones, but still enjoying them
  • Spotify are soon removing the Family Mix, which is a shame, as it was super convenient, and meant moving over to the much harder to invoke Blend mix
  • Twitter have changed their UI for sharing on Android, which means my muscle memory has been borked, and I keep bookmarking in Twitter instead of opening the sharing intent
  • Puppy training went well, and turns out we'd accidentally skipped ahead to week four, so was very good that Cookie was doing so well given we'd not done much of this before
  • Lots of pressure washing, as the family are taking it back with them next week, so it's the last chance I have to finish off the house. Decking and the front drive are looking much better, but the drive was a nightmare, and there's still a tonne of mud everywhere
  • Managed to get a - not quite usual - Asda pizza, and had a bit of pre-Cookie life again with pizza on the sofa
    • Didn't help that Cookie was a little 👹 and ended up jumping up and getting her foot in my pizza
  • This morning, we took Cookie to a private field for hire and we had a great hour there
  • Been on the front page of Hacker News today, and got a fair few interesting comments, and a tonne of traffic!
    • Brandur followed me back on Twitter which was cool 😎
  • Cookie's woken us up a little earlier than usual, and wasn't able to get back to sleep so been a little more tired than usual
  • Had Carol over tonight for a lovely Sunday evening chill which was really nice


  • Moon Knight
  • Russian Doll
  • Star Trek: Picard
  • Vacation

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