Week Notes 22#16

A surprise week off, as we'd not yet finalised my contract, so a lot more sofa time with little Cookie:

  • Cookie's been getting a bit better with being on her own, and we've had a couple of ~2 hour periods where she's been sleeping on her own, but not quite to the level that we want to
  • Some more progress with micropub-go, learning a bit more Go and being more comfortable writing it. I've even TDD'd my first bit of functionality which was really nice!
  • Got my contract sorted last thing on Friday, keep your eyes peeled for an announcement post tomorrow, as it'll be my first day!
  • Managed to get my podcast listening history out of Podcast Addict's SQLite database, so been cleaning up the data and transposing it to Micropub, but not quite yet finished
  • Listened to The Sins of the Fathers, which finishes off The Expanse universe
  • Had my family to visit on Saturday, which was nice - they finally got to meet Cookie and see the fence and living room, and it was a pretty chilled time
  • Cookie had a good vet visit - managed to find out a bit more about how much exercise we're doing and that we can up it a little, that zoomies are kinda expected as she's settling in, and that she's put on a bit of weight, but still has a way to go before they're worried, so still quite comfortable. Not the best visit as the waiting room had a couple of dogs and kids, so Anna and her waited outside
  • Finding Cookie has been getting frustrated with walks and not getting as much chance to run on the lead, we've been to a few parks that we're more comfortable letting the lead go and giving her a chance to run, and had a couple of close calls, but managed to grab it / recall her, even when distracted. Think it's really helping her, and she's doing fewer zoomies, but it's still not ideal, and is a bit of a handful in evenings when she's had a busy day and still won't settle!
  • Anna hid a couple of treats in one of the flower beds and she absolutely loved digging for it and has still been digging, even though there's nothing left 😅
  • Cookie and Morph still aren't getting on super well, and although not completely feral, they're not cuddling yet which is what we want. She's not really respecting his space, and he's sometimes going out of his way to get her
  • Cookie's been giving me her belly a lot for scritches which is very cute
  • Finally got around to painting the sampler of paint for my office wall (behind my screen) so maybe soon I'll get around to actually painting it, who knows? I've not yet decided which colour will work best, so we'll see
  • Did a lot of strimming in the garden


  • The High Note
  • The West Wing
  • Star Trek: Deep Space 9
  • Moon Knight
  • Human Resources

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