Week Notes 22#15

The last (planned) week between jobs, and the Easter weekend:

  • Things were a bit busier this week home-wise ahead of prepping the house for the cleaners on Thursday - the first since Cookie's arrival - and visitors this weekend
  • Cookie needed a bit of a walk on Monday, and on the way to the park, we met some folks with lovely dogs, who've just moved to Notts and will join the Tech Nottingham community and may know someone who'd have a sibling of Cookies 😱
  • Been a fairly chill week, trying to give Cookie a bit more comfort being on her own, spending time in her pen, with mixed success
    • We're definitely learning more about her and how she reacts to things and what she needs, but unfortunately not as easy as if she could just tell us
  • A different Homebrew this week - had Mark and Chris join, and was nice to chat about Static Site Generators, and Mark's new improvements to their site
  • I got very close - but not quite close enough - to having my contract sorted for the new job, so I'll be enjoying another week's break between jobs
  • Cookie's had a couple of lie-ins with me, post her 0600 loo break with Anna, and it's been very nice having a bit longer in bed with her, nestled on my feet, or to the side of me. We're really impressed with how good she's been overnight, and wish that she was that good during the day 😅
  • Got my haircut, slightly different this time - which wasn't planned - but really liking it, although I've not spent a lot of time perfecting the hairstyle
  • Cookie had her first afternoon in Anna's office, which went very well and she enjoyed napping to the sound of a clacking keyboard
  • Friday morning was a bit hectic - with an Asda order arriving, Cookie being a bit unsettled while Anna was at the shops, as well as trying to talk to my parents
    • Knowing we'd be going to the park later in the day, we didn't have an early walk with her which seemed to be a mistake as she was then a bit too hyper by the time we needed to leave
    • When we got to the park, I realised I was in my sliders, not my trainers as I'd forgotten to change in the rush
    • I also realised I needed to get back to wait for my laptop delivery (which didn't end up arriving) so walking home in sliders on a warm day wasn't necessary!
  • Easter weekend has been busy, but nice so far
    • Dave and Faye arrived on Friday evening, and I cooked Old El Paso fajitas while also doing the roast chicken for Saturday
    • Had Anna's family on Saturday for lunch which was nice, and Cookie for the most part was OK
    • A couple of times of Klara running around near her did put her a bit on edge, but she did really well - she wasn't super happy by being on a lead for most of the day, or us holding her harness around Klara
    • The weather has been lovely, so lots of time in the conservatory, in the garden, and for a bit of a walk, which has definitely made things nicer with so many Dodsons, Cookie and Morph
    • We ended up not doing the walk as planned today - due to queues, etc - which is good cause little Cookie has been so sleepy today! I mean, we all have, me especially, but not nearly as sleepy as her
  • Cookie got a splinter in her foot yesterday, which was a little tender but she seems to have healed today
  • Made good progress with micropub-go and got the first couple of releases out for it to be "ready" for initial usage
    • Thinking I may look into OIDC for my IndieAuth server, so I can post a note when releasing software
  • Started playing around with the Gin Go framework for tokens-pls, as an alternative. Thinking I may make a CLI version, too, as it'd be even handier
  • Finally got around to one of the long-standing PRs on Job DSL, as it's been on my TODO list for some time, and I finally got around to giving myself time to think about it
  • Got around to Architect OAuth2/OIDC, and got some shares from the community which was cool - also planning on adding protection for some of my apps in the future
  • Had a Rakki Rakkas tonight for the first time in a while, which was very good, and feeling very nice and full 😋
  • Gave Cookie another shower as she was a bit stinky again, and although it wasn't as chill as last time, we still got her clean(er)
  • Didn't manage to get much in the way of Easter Eggs - after months of not buying them super early - but managed to get a couple


  • The West Wing
  • Star Trek: Deep Space 9
  • Moon Knight
  • Human Resources

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