Week Notes 22#14

Our second week of Cookie!

  • With Anna back at work it's been a bit different than last week, with the start of a routine, and working more on her separation anxiety
    • It's been good her getting into more of a routine, and she's been enjoying being pretty chill with me, although still doesn't like being on her own, or being in her pen. We're doing what we can to improve her associations with it, but it's very much a work in progress
  • Cookie's become a land shark, teething considerably more this week. We've found a couple of teeth and are sure to find a couple more the next few days
  • Been watching a lot of DS9 on the sofa with Cookie
  • Been playing around with a bit more Go, and getting my projects set up with CI
    • Also gave me a chance to play around with OpenAPI / JSON Schema struct generation, and built a handy CLI Bitly shortener
  • May have decided that instead of going for Vibrancy, I'll make my site rendering dynamic based on my Micropub server, with a primary backing store being an in-DB cache of posts, but falling back to GitLab content if needed
  • Went out for our first park trips this weekend, which went really well!
    • Yesterday we went very early, so it was a bit quieter. Lots of sniffing around, wanting to be on a longer lead and enjoy the sounds and smells, and we had a little run around with her longer lead
    • Today we went out in the afternoon, and she coped well with it being a lot busier, and was interested in the children around
  • Morph and Cookie are slowly getting closer, ending up sniffing each other's noses, and eating out of our hands
  • Been a bit of a smelly house this week, with a lot of chewing on treats from natural-treats.co.uk
    • Cookie's been learning that her chews are special and only allowed to be in the play pen, and has found it a little fun/frustrating to be playing fetch a bit!
  • Had our first puppy play date! Cookie met Stanley, and although she started off a bit hesitant they had so much fun
    • Was really encouraging that she enjoyed playing with a (similar size) dog
    • Cookie learned to play with the pink rope toy after seeing just how wild Stanley's rat-neck-breaking skills went
  • Had a nice catch up with Rich and Soph
  • Had a lovely lunch at Baresca with Neeshu
    • Wrote a good amount of an article on the way in to see Neeshu, - although I didn't get around to finishing it over the weekend, I'm pretty happy with the progress and will try and get it done tomorrow
  • Sorted out how to add a login requirement for Architect, and have most of a blog post ready
  • Got the conservatory furniture from Bal
    • Spent Saturday getting it prepped and moved into the conservatory which has further reduced Morph's safe space, but he seems to be OK with it, and using the new location of his downstairs bed, which is promising - although Cookie peeking her head in it did not go well 😅
    • The conservatory is now a room again, instead of a boxed in safe space for Morph
  • Did some more pressure washing and the back garden is looking much nicer!
  • Cookie's been sleeping in our room every night - with most nights spending at least some time on the bed
    • We've only been interrupted in the night a couple of times - one by me not taking her out as late for a last minute loo break, and one because she was a bit vommy
  • Opened up one of the new snuggle blankets, leaving the red one upstairs to avoid Cookie trashing the bed too much - it's Morph's favourite, but until he returns to spending time with us, it'll be fine - and it's super snug when it's new. Had fun when I opened it in my darker office, and seeing the static electricity literally buzzing
  • With it being Ramadan, Chapati Junction is closed, so we ended up doing some frozen pizzas on Friday
  • Had our first Chinese takeaway for a while - from Noodle Inn, which was very good. Super recommend!
  • Got a satisfying reply about contract for the new job, just waiting on a confirmation around my reading of the response, then I should be good to sign + announce where I'm going!
  • Found it interesting not having purring when she's happy, which we're used to with Morph
  • Had a few hours with Cookie on my own while Anna was off on Sunday, and after a while of her not settling, she finally did with the pen open, but her chew inside, and then came for a nap on the sofa next to me
  • Inspired by Aldi's version of Dr Pepper, Professor Peppy, I ended up getting some Lidl tropical/orange pop, and have been enjoying it, as I've missed having a fridge full of Tango cans!
  • Been really lovely getting such an excited hello when I get up in the morning 🥰


  • The West Wing
  • Star Trek: Deep Space 9
  • The Bubble
  • Moon Knight
  • Is It Cake?

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