Week Notes 22#11

Birthday week!

  • Finished the migration of my Matomo stats to a new Heztner service, which is nice to have it super speedy and cheaper, and have a five year old server destroyed!
  • Was good to have a double therapy session this week, although we didn't do too much, but hoping that I'll get some more booked while I'm between jobs
  • Was lovely to have Carol at Homebrew
  • Having a bit of back-and-forth around IP rights with my new contract, 🤞 it'll be solved this coming week
  • My birthday!
    • Had a lovely chilled day, hanging at home and then off to see The Batman
    • Was nice to have our first meal out - Chiquitos after the cinema was very quiet, but was nice food
  • Blogged about OpenSSF Scorecards, as I'd chatted with a colleague - in another department - and wanted to apply it to Wiremock, so finally got around to documenting it
  • In personal projects:
    • Retired Bridgy Meetup support, as it's no longer viable with the RESTful API
    • Solved Kubernetes issues blocking me from having post-deploy and google-fit working with secrets - naturally blogging about them - which simplifies a lot of things, and was really nice to have the elusive problem sorted
    • Solved a fun issue with URLs not being equal to each other, meaning inconsistent experience while trying to authenticate was a bit annoying
    • Fixed some issues with books-mf2 which produced invalid MF2 JSON
    • Added cite support for my reads, so they can now be retrieved from books-mf2, rather than being hand-crafted using a mix of books-mf2 and hand-crafted JSON
    • Tweaked my birthday CSS to use confetti.js and add a "sponsor me" notice more prominently, to no avail
    • Created opengraph-mf2, as part of a pipe for more generic cites
  • Been doing a few more COVID tests this week - which have been negative - as Anna's had some sniffles, coughing and sneezing this week, and been off work
  • Meant we cancelled my birthday get together on Saturday for risk of not infecting everyone, but had a distanced catchup with Carol and Thom which was nice, and gave us a chance to have some time with Juno too! Morph was not happy though, growling loudly enough that we could hear him through the glass 😅 He didn't seem too put off by his presence though, and handled it quite nicely
  • Got measurements for our new doggo Ella, and she's only 20cm high which is incredibly small and teeny tiny and I'm very excited about how iccle she'll be, but also concerned that she'll be giving us backache 😅
  • Headed to the family for a couple of days of birthday celebrations
  • After starting looking at integration testing Spring (Boot) HTTP clients with Wiremock as well as existing OkHttp articles, I started putting together a better sample repo for it, but not quite finished it on the train journey
  • Got some lovely presents from everyone
  • We've made some great progress with the house being prepared for Ella, and I even got around to strimming the lawn, which looks much nicer
  • Enjoyed a lot of Quordle together
  • May have saved a bee's life this evening at my parents'
    • While in the bathroom earlier, I heard a persistent buzzing, and wondered if maybe a bee was stuck in the fan?
    • Turns out the bee was caught in a spider web, and was in the process of a spider further binding it in web / maybe trying to eat it
    • I managed to find a wrapping paper roll - which was needed to get me the right length of implement to reach the web - and knocked the bee and spider down
    • Then ran downstairs, and managed to pick up the bee - still in web - and get it out of the gap in the guttering it fell into, and shoo away the spider
    • Then took ~15 minutes to try and slowly de-web the bee, and get it comfortable that it was free
    • Unfortunately one leg was a bit damaged, and I'm not sure it had much energy left, so left some water and honey out for it, and 🤞 it will drink some and be safe, but may have died by the morning


  • The Batman
  • Vacation Friends
  • Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates
  • The Boys: Diabolical
  • The Lovebirds
  • Why Him?
  • Zak George's Dog Revolution
  • The Big Bang Theory (begrudgingly)

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