Week Notes 22#10

  • We finally got the date for Ella 🐢πŸ₯³
    • Fortunately managed to get the last bits done on the garden to make it safe for her, as well as some extra bits we had to do that we probably should've paid Martin to do instead
      • A bit of back and forth about telling them earlier than we had all the photos
    • Meant that after weeks of wondering about what was going to happen over mine and Cat's birthdays, we finally could plan it
    • Confirmed that she's absolutely tiny - 6 pounds/~2.7 kg - so a mix of very excited for a teeny tiny doggo, but also a little apprehensive of her around bigger doggo friends like Juno!
    • Given us the chance to now start to order bits for both the pets
    • Sorted out the garage for Morph to have a second safe space, and it's good that he's been using it already of his own accord. Meant we replaced the fire door with the one from the previous owners with a cat flap and a bit of a window which has made it nicer
    • Been a reminder of how annoying Morph pawing - but not going through - the cat flap is, and got flashbacks to him doing it for a full minute in the old house
    • Cleared space in the dining room for her
  • Got the Fujifilm Instax Square for Anna after waiting for it to come back in stock, and it's really cool, and we've taken some cute photos so far
  • Did a few bits of personal projects:
    • Sorted out asynchronous context retrieval in my Micropub server, so likes of Twitter/RSVPs to Meetup are quicker
    • Implemented the userinfo endpoint in IndieAuth
    • Had a bit of an issue with some authentication sessions for IndieAuth leading to my authenticator rejecting them, but not quite worked out what the issue is, as it all looked fine
  • Morph's been cute this week, but also a little apprehensive of everything, and there's been a bit more change than he wants
    • Had to remind him that "tooth kisses don't count"
    • He's been enjoying sitting on the chair next to the sofa around ~2130, and playing with my hand
  • Still waiting for my new job contract, so won't yet announce the next step, hopefully next few days!
  • We're finally back in the living room
    • After a few weeks of it being decorated, and many weeks prior of us stripping wallpaper and preparing it, it's nice to finally start moving in
    • Still another few bits to do tomorrow, but we're effectively back in
    • Putting up one of the electric blinds was really awkward, which similar to Anna's office, must've been hitting concrete or something else, compounded with damaging the freshly painted walls 😬
      • It is really nice having it automatic though, and it'll be really nice when they're bound to sunrise/sunset
  • Had a lovely Saturday afternoon and evening with the gang
    • Lovely company, food, and some Professor Peppy
    • Flora is so much bigger, and had a very fun time eating
    • Got some affection from Mollie which was very nice!
  • Part way through the migration to a new server for stats.jvt.me, but ended up
    • Went back and forwards over some issues around the SQL dump not copying between the servers, but managed to (somehow) resolve it in the end
  • @PayGapApp was an excellent addition to International Women's Day
  • On top of all the other things going on, my phone also decided to get stuck in a bootloop. Was pretty concerning, and having to go back to a super old, out-of-support phone was particularly unsettling. I handled it better than I thought I may do, but I also could've been in a better place for it - forking out for a new phone, although potentially possible, would be a stretch. Very glad that by the time for bed, I'd managed to get my current phone to run out of battery, and then a reboot worked when it had charge again
  • Naughty but Nice had some good options this week - the Malteaser fudge slice was so good I had to have it twice this week, and a really good chicken tikka sandwich on Friday
  • Fancying a curry, but not wanting a Rikshaw as the pickle tray isn't as good any more, we thought we'd try Curry Club as they had an offer on and were highly rated... only to find it was exactly the same food as Rikshaw, and the branding and containers and everything were all the same, just with a different, but very similarly, branded company
  • Backfilled a load of private content in my week notes, in a private way, so there's fewer vague references
  • A bit more re-org upheaval, with the new org chart showing a little more change than was originally promised
  • After what seems like literal years I finally got around to adding DKIM for my Zoho email, and wow, was that easy! I wish I'd done it when it first started telling me 😬
  • Started on an OpenGraph to Microformats2 pipe


  • The Adam Project
  • Rick and Morty
  • Plus One
  • Star Trek: Picard
  • Zak George's Dog Revolution

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