Week Notes 22#09

The one with all the waiting 👀😩

  • A day off on Monday, which was meant to be a nice chilled post-spa day off, but ended up being just me off with a lot of house stuff going on, and a couple of interviews 😅 Not the most chilled day
  • The job hunt - that you won't have been aware of because it's not been appearing in week notes until today, where I'm backfilling it - has come to an end 👀
    • Ended up getting 2/3 of the jobs I'd gone for. Bit gutted to not have the third, but really happy with the two choices, and I'm excited for the next steps
    • Handed in my notice, and starting to work through what needs to be done with the time that's left
    • Was funny it came after a comment about me looking for another role internally, as part of the reshuffle, to then come in the next day and be like "yeah, so..."
    • Really found it difficult just waiting for companies to get back in touch, especially after their timelines to get back weren't followed up on, and the "what if"s playing in my head
    • Having the conversation with my manager hanging over me has also been difficult, knowing it's still quite early on for me to be leaving, for me to still have a lot that we'd want to do, and to be leaving the team in the not-best place
    • It's been a busy few days since handing in my notice, realising I have ~12 days left to work, so we want to make sure we can get as much done:
      • Had a bit of a pain doing error handling for the federated model's WebClient, but managed to get around it
    • Keep your feed readers peeled for a full announcement post in the next couple of days!
  • Also in waiting, we've been waiting for things to come back about Ella, and with the work on the garden taking a bit longer to be done, we're a little apprehensive of the time delay for her being ready to come over
  • Some very bad nights' sleep - vibrant dreams with some common themes, showing what's on my mind quite a lot
  • The fence has been done! Been a long time coming, and especially to help prepare for Ella, but looks really great, and as long as it stays standing in any upcoming weather we have, it'll be a great job done
  • Popped out for a Saturday evening Ikea and did returns, and picked up some bits
  • Having lots of WiFi issues, so decided to reset the router, but still kinda having issues
  • Started on - but not quite finished - replacing jwks-ical with an Architect version, certificate-calendar
  • Morph's been very playful this week, which has been very cute, and a couple of nights, he's sat on the chair next to me and had a bit of a play with my hand - although I've not always escaped the scratches
  • Been writing a bit more Go, to create a CLI for Micropub
  • Re-org at work has been mostly announced, and aside from me leaving, it's been pretty unsettled
    • Had a comment about me handing in my notice not being the biggest thing to happen on a given day!
  • Changed the plug sockets in the living room, and so far the house hasn't burned down 🧯
  • Finally sorted the Ethernet in Anna's office wall, after a bit of a "oh crap" moment when I realised I'd cut it too short (after we'd carved a good deal of the wall out for it to be fit in) and wouldn't be able to fit the box, then realised we could slowly pull more cable from outside in, giving us room and it's now very nicely tucked away
  • My Discover Weekly playlist hasn't been great this week, so it's been listening a lot to my Liked Songs, which has a good mix of all sorts of music from the last decade - but mostly the last few years, and it's reminded me of some really great music
  • I'm officially a committer on Wiremock, and we'll soon have me as an official maintainer - very excited to be able to help continue the work on a great project!
  • Anna's parents popped in before the theatre
  • Unfortunately weren't able to see the gang, but will be seeing them this coming week which will be nice
  • Discovered the "saver slot" with Sainsburys' home delivery and are really annoyed we've been paying more for an hour's slot instead of a three hour slot, as generally we don't need things that urgently
  • Morph's not been happy about the side gate door being more reinforced - as part of prep for Ella to come home - as he's having to go cross country and his little muddy paw prints are all over the conservatory 🐾
  • Had some good chats with the apprentices about AWS, and looking at breaking down a brief they've got into a Cloud Native (Architect framework, clearly) solution


  • Zak George's Dog Revolution
  • Wolf Like Me
  • Love is Blind Reunion
  • Austin Powers: Goldmember
  • The Naked Gun: From the Files from Police Squad
  • Wedding Crashers

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