Week Notes 22#08

The week I (somewhat jokingly) call Crunch Week, because:

  • The aftermath of Storm Eunice and losing what felt like half of the fence
    • Managed to tidy a fair bit, which was helped by being able to be much more flexibly working this week, dropping in and out, but still getting what I needed to done
    • Got someone booked in to do the fence tomorrow, which is very good given how busy they all are with storm damage. Bit pricey, but at least it'll be done, and ahead of little Ella coming
  • Our (virtual) home visit ahead of adopting little pupper Ella
    • We got some bits on Monday evening but ended up pausing buying everything until we could walk it through at the home visit
    • There was bit of anxiety ahead of it, not knowing just how much we may need to do, or even if they may just say no, because of the weird multi-level layout of the house
    • It was a positive call though, and we've not got that long a list of things to do. Hoping that by the middle of the week we'll have enough to start getting Ella ready to travel to her new forever home 💜
    • Spent Saturday buying supplies, and then wiring the hedge so nothing can go in/out of it - unfortunately we're removing a few of Morph's favourite spaces in the sun, but hoping he'll be OK finding new ones 🤞
  • Decorators coming to do the living room
    • There's been a tonne of dust everywhere that has made hoovering a bit futile
    • The living room is looking really good and we're very excited for it all being complete hopefully middle of this week
  • 7 interviews for the final interview round for the 3 companies I'm applying to
    • Starling's final chat threw me off when I realised I couldn't find my safety deposit box key - for proof of ID - but after the call naturally found that it was on my desk under a pile of stuff 😅


  • After noticing the bins have some old food stuck from quite a while back (trying to remember the last time I saw the wrapper of the food was late last year 😬) a few weeks ago, this week I managed to pressure wash it clean
    • Was a lot of fun having my first pressure washer experience, too!
    • While doing it, I found that the old food recycling bin had a frog stuck inside it, so I rescued it
  • Some bad nights sleep, thinking about everything going on at the moment, especially playing the resignation conversation in my head
  • Added support for listen posts on this site, so I have a specific way to capture i.e. podcasts
  • Playing around with a bit more Go, and trying to convert some of my Ruby-based utilities, as a good set of real-world examples
  • Had some good conversations about software/infrastructure architecture, and why Ruby is my scripting language - expect a blog post on the topic soon
  • Bit of a brainworm one day this week about replacing text under the cursor in Vim with a command, which I've written about previously, but it used the whole line, not what was under the cursor. I managed to get it after a couple of days of playing around with it so I can now do just what's under the cursor
  • Not enjoying the old style COVID tests, and finding that they're making testing much harder to be motivated to do, although we still are
  • Morph has been sitting on the beanbag chair of his own accord
  • Anna got me a new fidget cube, which I've been using a fair bit during all the calls this week
  • Light switch in the bedroom snapped, but fortunately not one we use that much, so it's not as much of a problem
  • Got my Manual of Me finished, which I was happy about and have had some good responses to it so far
  • One of the Gousto's this week we had oven-cooked rice, and I accidentally forgot to put water in it, so it ended up being very dried
  • Doubled up the sauce for the Gousto Satay Pork Rice with Pickled Cucumber & Radish Salad, and found it even better than usual!
  • Had a bit more fun with classless.css, migrating over my applications where possible, removing Bootstrap / default browser styles
  • Morph was super confused when I said hello to him through his cat flap - him in the conservatory, and me outside - and although not distressed by it, his little face and meows were so confused
  • Morph's been very cute this week
  • Cancelled our gym membership, as we're not going as much as it's worth. Very unhappy with the fact that they need a month's lead time "to process it"
  • Because there's not enough stress in the world already, the Russia has decided to invade the Ukraine
  • And a wonderful end to the week, a spa day at Eden Hall
    • We'd booked this ages ago, not thinking anything much of the timing, but especially with Crunch Week, it's been perfectly timed
    • Although I usually comfort in the digital, it was nice to have some time to switch off, and I felt - and still feel - very switched off and relaxed
    • Went through a mix of the various showers and rooms like the sauna, rose steam room, saunarium and the herbal caldarium
    • Had a very nice post-lunch nap in the slumber room, in a very cool suspended egg chair
    • Had some yum mango sorbet and dairy-free mint chocolate ice cream
    • Felt super duper chilled all day, and absolutely felt like being on holiday - lots of warmth, chilling in robes, and generally being away from it all
    • Got home and saw my COVID test (that had been left out in the sun) had turned to a slight positive result - luckily a false positive, as a test this evening showed negative
  • Felt very sus buying a crowbar, even though it was for legitimate reasons


  • Zak George's Dog Revolution
  • Wanderlust
  • Love is Blind
    • Ended up getting to episode ~8 and looking up the finale results, so we could skip through some of the not-as-fun couples
  • Inventing Anna

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