Week Notes 22#07

  • After the disappointment last week with our lost chances for new doggo, we've fallen in love with a dog, and had our application accepted subject to the home check, so our little Ella is 🤞going to be with us before too long, maybe even in time for my birthday week which would be amazing!
    • Although we said in our original application that we didn't want to have a puppy, we so very much fell in love with her and with how playful and chill she is with her current foster cats
    • Brunty and Emma have been super helpful sharing their top tips for being puppy parents
    • Ahead of her arriving, we've been out for walks a bit more to get used to it
    • It's been nice playing around with a few different names, and although we think we've got the final name, y'all will have to wait 👀
  • Started the week with a day off as I was still feeling a bit under the weather, and a rest day really helped
    • Didn't end up doing the things I thought I would, but spent time on the sofa with Morph, playing some Apex and did add featured images to most of the posts in the site, which took a bit of manual work and thinking
  • Been doing the last bits ahead of the decorators coming tomorrow, so we've finished the stripping of wallpaper, and moved the radiator - although not quite to where we wanted in the end
  • Didn't end up making it to the Personal Libraries pop-up as I didn't really have the energy, but it sounds like there were some good things
  • The pocket doors are now sorted and not awkward any more - one needed tweaking as it was catching on the floor, and the soft close catches have been removed
  • Storm Eunice has rocked the country, and we've been fortunate to not have too much damage, although it certainly has been a bit concerning
    • Definitely been a test of resilience, and late Friday afternoon looking outside and seeing we'd lost a few panels was not great 😬
    • Lost four panels of fence, and although we managed to get one back up, the others are providing some rather uncomfortable gaps in the side and front of the house.
    • We tried to get them back up, but in the end they were already so rotted when I bought the house last year, so they just kept falling over. Little pang of regret of not sorting the fence in January, instead of doing the living room, but Sarah mentioned that their next door neighbour's concrete is cracking in the wind, so not thinking about it being as much of a silver bullet as it could have been
    • Morph not been happy
  • Some improvements to www-api for the first time in a while:
    • Using main as my site's branch
    • Handle profile URLs better by adding a ProfileUrl class
    • Migrated to the token introspect endpoint, leaving the legacy IndieAuth token verify endpoint to be disabled at some point, once external clients are migrated off it
    • Also back to the thought process of "do I just make my existing Micropub endpoint database-backed" rather than migrating to Vibrancy (or similar) as then I can keep it in a stack and with the features I want
  • Been a quieter week than I'd hoped, but hoping that by the end of the week, I'll have some exciting news
  • Brushed Morph's teeth, for the first time in a while, which didn't go quite to plan
  • Being a bit more exhausted than usual and sleeping in a bit more, which isn't great cause it's really not following the sleep habits I'd built up in the past
  • Finally moved my site's repo to main branch naming, which is why you're seeing my week notes later than usual, as I'd pushed them to the wrong branch on my laptop!
  • Jealous of Anna's new monitor arm, and tempted to get them for my own monitors
  • Started work on building a Manual of Me

Listened to:

  • Zak George's Dog Training Revolution


  • Inventing Anna
  • Along Came Polly
  • Love is Blind
  • Space Force
  • Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me
  • Austin Powers: Goldmember

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