Week Notes 22#05

An unsuccessful week of getting our deliveries:

  • Our first week with Gousto not arriving which meant fending for ourselves
    • Very frustrating that it happened the day we had a shopping order arrive, so if we'd have known we'd at least have been able to get things
    • Didn't arrive the next day as expected either, but we at least got the refund
    • Played around with making my own spicy peanut sauce, with inspiration from a Gousto from last week, which turned out well
  • Had a Deliveroo order which went way past the "the latest time we'll deliver is", and the driver was literally around the corner then drove across town 😬
    • Got a full refund, which helped offset being πŸ¦€ and having sideways pizza
  • Lidl's Creme Eggs offer made me instead find a better deal with a 48 pack πŸ˜…
  • The water tank has started its periodic refilling, which is fun cause I thought that was fixed 😬
  • Did a lot of wallpaper stripping
    • Listened to a fair few podcasts, too which was good
  • Managed to get my dotfiles finally off a branch and merged into main
  • Stormy Saturday night was a little disturbing and a little bit concerning as the conservatory is very loud when the wind blows
  • Finally got a chance to get a haircut, and started the updating of my photo across various platforms
  • Got a mix of the Ikea bits, but got some of it coming tomorrow
  • Made some good progress with the bedroom reshuffle, and it's looking much better now!
  • Didn't attend HWC in the end as there was a lot to do at home
  • Although there's still much to do before it's possible - like fixing up the fence - we've decided 🐢🐢 we're getting a doggo 🐢🐢
  • Spent a few days this week trying to track down a project that did client-side, offline file upload and serving which I swore I'd seen before
    • Was hoping to build a client-side OpenAPI viewer i.e. using Elements, as I've now seen it
  • Morph has spent a lot of the week sliding down the sofa
  • Feeling like we need a dependency graph for some of the living room work, with the ballooning of it all
  • Been playing around with the Starling API
  • Morph's got very yeowly a couple of nights, and has been rather annoying, but has eventually come to settle
  • Made peanut butter bread, which was yum!


  • The Book of Boba Fett
  • Reacher
  • Queer Eye
  • Murderville
  • The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window

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