Week Notes 22#03

A busy week around the house with wallpaper stripping, shuffling things, and the start of double glazing installation!

  • Been odd having Morph gone for the week - dropping him off on Tuesday, ahead of the windows starting, was the best choice, but the house has felt emptier without him. Warmer, too, as the conservatory's cold air hasn't been chilling the house
  • Popped into Ikea on the way home and got a few bits, as well as some more ideas for home
  • The first week of windows being installed:
    • Already seeing benefits in the rooms that have had theirs done - especially so in Anna's office
    • Really liking the fact we chose the flush finish for the outside of the windows, as they look really good
    • Been pretty disruptive, though, and very noisy for both of us, and been pretty much text-only in meetings
    • Fortunately only had one day out of my office, which although was fine being perched on Anna's office desk for a bit, wasn't ideal, and especially difficult without my standing mat
    • Having the desk moved around (against the wall, not the window) has been good to trial a different layout, and I think I'm going to stick with it, as it gives privacy to walk into the room without being seen by camera, and gives a better view of shelves - with i.e. Lego - behind me
    • Having our routines disturbed has been a bit awkward, but it's only short-term so not that bad
    • Very glad to have had my new laptop, as it was a breeze to work throughout the day, whereas my old one would've had issues with i.e. IntelliJ
  • We went to the cinema! Saw Spiderman: No Way Home
    • Was an excellent film, and we're glad to have not been spoiled up until now
    • After much deliberation, we decided that we were comfortable enough going out
    • Although the Showcase de Lux is an already pretty great setup, we decided to upgrade to the Gallery seats and don't think we'll be wanting to go back! Was nicer COVID-wise as there were fewer people near us, and getting a bento box of tasty treats - as well as the option to use the bar / get food and drink delivered to us
    • Was lovely to be out together doing something remotely "normal" again
  • The dream of Bridgy managing Meetup.com RSVPs is dead, as the new GraphQL API doesn't support RSVPs
  • Had a mix of talks at jChampions, with some good things to look into:
    • jMolecules looks interesting, and I'm most of the way through trialling different architectures for Federated API, and will look to get a PR raised shortly with verification through Arch Unit - as well as a blog post for others looking at using it, too
    • Finally got around to playing with Arch Unit and am a bit sad I'd not used it in Pandas, but am looking forward to trialling it for some more of our consistent code style
  • Unfortunately didn't get to as much of GovCamp, as other things popped up, but the talks I did attend were good, and prompted some good discussions
  • Booked a couple of important sessions for this coming week
  • Found it really awesome having my new laptop - with its great battery life - so I could listen to talks on it while stripping wallpaper
  • Migrated to PipeWire for my audio setup, as it's meant to have better support for Bluetooth, and potentially be better for headset audio
    • It was a bit of a problem playing around with the background noise of the windows, as well as trying to attend meetings, but it's paid off!
    • Happy to have the hands-free setup working, and will continue to switch between that and regular headset so I can get good audio for music versus being able to walk around during calls
  • My electric toothbrush died, but fortunately I had an old one handy that still worked
  • Noticed that I'd got an outdated AUR package of Firefox Nightly installed, which means I've been not getting the latest updates
  • Finally wrote my post about bean validation, after a week or so of (re)writing the code, and playing around with more, as well as how best to write it
  • Our investigation for adding a correlation-id highlighted that we'd not considered error handling fully, or the need for content-negotiation in a Filter, so took a bit of time to look into it, as well as
  • Wrote a few posts this week, and glad to start working through the backlog


  • Queer Eye
  • The Heat
  • Spiderman: No Way Home
  • The Amazing Spiderman
  • Your Home, Made Perfect
  • Stay Close
  • Zootropilis
  • The Book of Boba Fett

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