Week Notes 22#02

A big week of endings for The Expanse, and prepping the house for the windows being double glazed, which are being started a week earlier than planned, and feeling very sore after a busy weekend

  • Found my new John Lewis card hadn't got a direct debit set up, so spent the week fighting HSBC and John Lewis to try (and failing) to get it paid off. Eventually tried with Monzo and it worked straight away 🙄
    • Very annoying as it's slowed down buying the new living room sofa, which we'd finally decided on!
  • Been a social week, catching up with Shama, Tushar (in person!) and James
    • Was nice to hear about some folks rightfully getting promotions
  • Morph has been pretty bad towards the beginning of the week, but since we've moved into just the dining room, he's been super chill, which is both nice and frustrating! May have also been to do with giving him more food, and his chill tablets, as well as being overnight in the conservatory
  • Thinking ahead for some work we'll need to be doing for UUID validation, as well as personal projects and thinking of work that may help ex-colleagues, I ended up writing the UUID library I'd planned for a while, and had a bit more of a play with bean validation, which I'm further documenting in a blog post that's being worked on
    • It's been good doing a bit more on it, as there's a lot of good stuff that bean validation allows
    • It's also been really great with my new automated releases to Maven Central, meaning I can very quickly release new changes
  • Was cool to get the automagic README generator, and I found it to be quite fun writing Go code, as well as being able to get so much done using the existing Microformats2 metadata on my site
  • Ahead of some imminent work for Spring Boot Actuator auditing and logging, I got round to investigating, and then blogging about, audit logging
  • Busy week of house work:
    • The windows being double glazed has been pulled forwards a week, which is exciting, but also means we've prioritised moving around the house to make it easier when they arrive to start working on rooms, which was going to be a bit of a slower burn with two weekends to do it in
    • Didn't do as much of the wallpaper stripping in the living room as we'd previously planned, but made a very good bit of progress considering we only had best part of a day - got a rental wallpaper steamer which made some difference, but still needs a lot of manual labour
  • Accidentally left the garage doors open for most of the day, until a passerby - with a cute doggo - came to let us know around 2100. Immediately put up a security camera to prevent it
  • Cooking has been a little more fun with the new, super sharp knives
  • Had some nice evenings reading and chilling together
  • Dark using The Pioneers (M83 Remix) by Bloc Party led me to discover the Silent Alarm: Remixed album, so spent some time listening to that, before discovering Tulips (Minotaur Shock Remix) and leading to that being on repeat for most of the week, only hampered by the fact it's not on Spotify
  • With the remix of Tulips, I've found it (sans lyrics) to weirdly sum up the week, and (with lyrics) it perfectly fit with the last few chapters of Leviathan Falls
  • Leviathan Falls was an epic end of the series, and made for a fitting end for the story, but left me with a good measure of melancholy
  • It was also the final episode of Season 6 of The Expanse which was a good ending to the series, and I'm excited to see what's planned next
  • Interesting talk at PHPMiNDS about sustainability in tech and how we can make better tech and implementation choices to better serve the planet
  • Only a couple of Ring Fit days - as Friday I needed a bit more time in bed - but glad for it, as this weekend's been a bit of a workout!
  • Reshuffle of the house has led to my office being flipped around - so it's easier for the windows to be accessed - but also gives me a good chance to try it out as a layout I'd considered in the past
  • Were feeling comfortable to go and see Spiderman: No Way Home but in the end didn't have time
  • Started playing Wordle, as Anna's started doing it and it seems fun


  • Leviathan Falls


  • The Book of Boba Fett
  • Dark
    • Finished series 3 - wasn't quite as good at the beginning of the series, but was a good, cyclical ending
  • The Expanse
  • Eternals
  • Your Home, Made Perfect
  • Stay Close
  • The Help
  • Scrubs

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