Week Notes 22#01

First week back at work, with more time on the sofa binge-watching Dark, reading Leviathan Falls, and back to work:

  • Back to Ring Fit after at least a couple of months' hiatus, but it's been begrudgingly good to be back to doing exercise
    • Haven't been back to the same difficulty level nor super long sessions, but it's been good nonetheless
    • I've not been standing as much this week cause my feet are a bit more sore compared to usual after all the jogging
    • It was nice to get back to being able to listen to articles, as without Ring Fit it's either been reading them when away from my desk, or while doing chores, which isn't as much time as also including Ring Fit
  • Starting the year with quarterly planning - the first since I've joined - and looking forward to continuing with the work we've been doing
  • It's my 2 year anniversary of week notes! Been really enjoying doing this, and although I haven't been reading them back, I probably should do
  • Got my projects auto-publishing to Maven Central, allowing for an easier release process, and making it a lot more hands-off
    • With the ability to more easily publish releases, I've taken the time to do a few bits of maintenance and picked up a few late releases for multi-read-servlet that I'd missed due to Maven coordinate changes
  • House management is a bit more understood, if not under control, with a new Kanban to visualise it
    • Also finally made the decision about the sofa
    • Got the confirmation that the windows double glazing will start end of the month, woop!
    • Planned out the next few weekends with lots of stuff to do
    • Tested out stripping the wallpaper
  • Morph has been rather bad this week:
    • Some of it we think is due to him being more hungry than previously, as the last few weeks he's been on reduced portions of food
    • But also there's definitely some turf war and general territorial problems, as on Friday he was yowling a cat away from the drive
    • He also lost his collar earlier in the week, but fortunately we don't think he was stuck out for too long
  • We've both been stuck into our books so have been reading over lunch a few times this week
  • A quiet Homebrew with Pete and Louise to start the year off
  • Was very nice to have the house cleaned post-Xmas guests
  • Eaten a lot of Lindt
  • Because it's annoying to (un)mute with different key combinations between the various tools I use to communicate and collaborate, I've set up a new set of key combos + Polybar status for it, and I'm very happy with it so far. It's also cool with my new microphone, cause that's got a red ring on it when the microphone is muted, so I can see it in my bar or on the microphone itself
  • Started taking vitamins again, so hoping that it'll help be a little more healthy and balanced
  • Morph was not impressed not having privacy today while sitting in the conservatory - next to the camera - and hearing it clicking on looking at him, so we could keep an eye on his little furry face
  • Been quiet on CDDO Slack at work compared to GDS Slack
  • Booked a spa with Eden Hall, which is something nice to look forward to doing together
  • With the second week of impacted delivery times for Gousto, and a heavy day on Saturday, we got an unplanned takeaway which means we need to cook one of the Goustos for lunch today
  • RSVP calendar is borked again 😞


  • Tiamat's Wrath
  • Leviathan Falls
    • Got to 64% in a couple of days - unfortunately didn't get around to finishing it this weekend as planned, but looking forward to finishing it this coming week


  • Dark
    • Season 1 was very very good
    • Season 2 was very good
    • Still working our way through season 3
  • Scrubs
  • The Book of Boba Fett
  • The Expanse

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