Week Notes 21#50

A few days off work of not feeling great, wondering if it's Omicron as symptoms match, even though we're getting negative tests:

  • Anna's had a much worse time of it this week so has been off for the week, so been doing a bit more of the cooking
  • A really great GraphQL meetup at work - definitely sad that there have been a few usecases that I could've utilised it for - especially some of the previous APIs I've worked on. Definitely energised me a little and made me wonder if I can get it into anything I'm working on
  • Started migration of meetup-mf2 to GraphQL, but need to get on Granary for Bridgy
  • Morph's claws are getting very long - the other day we were playing, and his claw got stuck and it was quite difficult to hold him in place to get it unhooked, and he seemed a little stressed
  • Morph's definitely been having a bad time this week, making things a little more stressful than they need to be
  • Had some good catchups with friends
  • No luck with Vibrancy, as I've not had a lot of energy
  • Had a lovely Saturday together:
    • I played Little Misfortune after Anna had her runthrough and I managed to get just one sparkle shy of the "good" ending
    • Built our Legos that we've been saving up
    • Ordered quite a few more custom Brickheadz - may have gone a little overboard, but excited to have quite a few new things coming soon
    • Had a lot of good food - was very good to know that Wandering Dragon is still especially good, albeit we didn't have it on my appendixaversary
    • Morph spent all his time on his tower, instead of with us on the sofa
  • As a trial ahead of doing one for Anna's family over Christmas, we made a ham in the Ninja Foodi. Was super easy - ~15 minutes pressure cooking, and ~5 minutes in the air fryer with marmalade to glaze it - and it's very tasty. Definitely bringing back good memories of all the ham from last Xmas, and I'm making my way through it quite quickly!
  • A very disturbed night's sleep on Tuesday, and a mix of good and bad sleep throughout the week. With not sleeping well, and not feeling well too, lots of extra tiredness this week. Ended up sleeping in a bit more than I should be - at least according to the sleep regimen
  • Saw a reddit thread talking about deviated septums, and how much of a difference it has made for a lot of people to have it sorted - wondering if maybe I get it sorted and it could improve sleep/snoring
  • Had a lovely Basque burned cheesecake courtesy of Carol
  • Carol and Thom got doggo!! Definitely feels like we've got a doggo too
  • Bit annoying that Christmas plans are still slightly up in the air
  • The fallout of the Log4J vulnerabilities has been interesting to watch from the sidelines, with only my personal APIs affected, and not having lots of work services to scramble and update. Been interesting hearing from current and ex colleagues about their remediation work


  • Tiamat's Wrath


  • Little Misfortune
  • The Stanley Parable


  • Hawkeye
  • The Expanse
  • Love Actually
  • The Witcher
  • (The start of) Army of the Dead
  • Klaus
  • This Way Up
  • Operation Christmas Drop
  • Austin Powers
  • The Night Before

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