Week Notes 21#49

  • After much deliberation, I decided on a hairstyle change (from inspiration) and am really happy with it. Definitely been feeling myself a bit this week and much happier
    • Was a bit surprised in myself for going out on Monday lunch, while it was raining
    • Took quite a while, as I'd got there when someone had probably just sat down, and then it took a while to do mine
    • Not only is it great to have a different hairstyle, but it was nice getting it professionally done
    • Have had some fun playing around with different styles, and managed to have Tuesday's hair stay up without gel
  • Tech Nottingham Christmas party was good fun!
    • Was a lot of fun, a really great mix of games from all the meetups, and good effort by all involved
  • Pocket doors got installed and aren't quite what we thought they'd be - it's been really great having the increased space in the room, but they're a bit difficult to open
    • Morph has been incredibly suspicious of them, just staring at them and being apprehensive of them magically getting him
    • Underestimated how disruptive the installation would be
  • Attended some good talks at APIDays Paris
  • Disappointed to be losing Arnau, but hoping to learn all I can from him before he leaves
  • Called the vets on Friday - not only is Morph fine, and wasted £150 for unnecessary tests, but it turns out the vet we saw - and were physically in a room with for some time - is now off with Covid, and we weren't told...???
    • Had to take a rushed trip to get a PCR - which was negative
    • With the friends' Xmas party the next day, it added a lot of extra stress on top of a good underlying anxiety layer, and the not knowing was pretty frustrating, as we didn't want to find out too late and not be prepped, or prep and then be disappointed
    • We'd not been feeling great this week so wondered if instead of being run down it was Covid, but turns out nope!
    • Coming home we spotted Morph in the house opposite's front garden, deer in headlights style, and looking very sus 👀
  • Had the - slightly smaller - friends Christmas with Emma and Andrew, which was really nice and it was lovely to host - especially with such lovely company!
    • We made a vegan Xmas dinner - with some help from Cook, and roasties in the air fryer
    • Had a very good salted caramel and chocolate log from Wicked Kitchen, and had our first Vegan Ben & Jerries which was as good as the dairy version, and we'll definitely be getting more of!
  • The Log4J vulnerability led to a fairly busy Friday at work and on social media
    • Lots of interesting discussions about the funding of Open Source projects
  • Happy to have got a few articles off the backlog, and clearing down my site's backlog a bit too this week
  • Decided to go - again - full steam ahead to sort out my migration to Vibrancy
    • Done most of the scripting for the initial data import
    • Got a few features that I'll need to add to it to make it usable enough for the migration, but it's looking pretty close
    • Spent at least a good hour going back and forth and back and forth over "I could do this with my existing Micropub server", looking at persistence and then going back to just using Vibrancy, then thinking "oh, but I'm going to have to reimplement a lot of stuff" and not really knowing where to start or what to do next. Definitely a sign that I need a bit of time to recuperate
    • Annoyingly, the emoji issue now may be sorted
    • Hoping to get a good amount sorted tomorrow so this is the last week I'm writing my week notes with Hugo
  • Got our Christmas decorations up, which is looking especially nice, and we've put the sausage prints up!
  • RSVP calendar issues finally sorted - turns out it was due to me not quite getting Node's standard library and async
  • Not had a great couple of night's sleep over the weekend
  • Took Friday afternoon and tomorrow off to recover from a little bit of everything, as I've not been feeling super great this last week, with my focus off
  • Shared channels between GDS and CDDO on Slack are hopefully going ahead
  • Reduced my Project Function subscription after ~18 months of being a high sponsor


  • The Grinch
  • Christmas with the Kranks
  • The Expanse
  • This Way Up
  • Enola Holmes
  • Last Christmas
  • Hawkeye
  • The Family Stone


  • Tiamat's Wrath
  • 1984

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