Week Notes 21#48

The one with the air fryer:

  • A fairly busy week at work with federated-api-model
  • Had a routine checkup for Morph at the vet's
    • Not that we're one to body shame, but he's definitely a bit chonky still 🐷
    • They've spotted what could be a murmur, and are doing some checks to see if it is, or if it was just because there were dogs in the waiting room, but he is a little bit sensitive about his little shaved patch on his paw
    • He definitely didn't enjoy his temperature being taken (for quite an extended period) 😬
  • We got our air fryer, which has been a very exciting so far and we've been finding it really fun
    • We've been enjoying having easier access to chicken dippers and chips
    • Also had our first roast tonight which was very good, and took less than an hour between starting prep and finishing eating it!
  • An unrestrained weekend of food
  • After literally 7 years of on-and-off thinking about the watch I wanted for my 21st birthday gift from my parents, I've finally decided on on the watch I've been looking at for about 3 years 😅
  • Taking part in my first Advent of Code - although I've not done any this weekend - and have so far enjoyed it. I won't say I've been writing any good code but at least I've been solving the problems and learning a few new tricks in the Ruby standard library
  • Lots of deliveries from Black Friday for the new living room setup which is nice
  • Kicked off the weekend with massages and a bit of a walk around town
  • Had a lovely Saturday evening with Emma and Andrew
    • Had a very good dinner from Grounded Kitchen
    • Accidentally almost yeeted Flora when she vommed on me 😬😬
  • I'm helping out with the TN Xmas party, which is going to be awesome - there's some really amazing stuff planned by lots of wonderful people!
  • With Wiremock being released, I got a couple of posts up, and am hoping that my ex colleagues will be able to make good use of the new functionality
  • Got some good news about some ex-colleagues getting a move onto new jobs
  • Installed the new lights in the spare room, which look really nice, and didn't manage to electrocute myself or burn down the house
  • Think the living room setup is decided - pending a reshuffle of the living room tonight to make it possible for the pocket doors to be installed on Tuesday
    • Didn't get round to putting up the Xmas tree and decorations because we didn't want to have to then move it again / have it all dusty
  • Been considering a few options for a new hair style, but haven't yet decided so haven't even gone to get it trimmed
  • With all the DIY - and vaguely manual labour I'm not used to - I've lost a good amount of skin on my thumb so it's quite tender and is feeling the warmth i.e. from a mug much more!
  • Cleaned out my desktop with compressed air for the first time in a while, so there was a lot of dust - the top vents were solid
  • Got a new microphone on recommendation of Carol - and good deals on Cyber Monday - so am so far just getting used to it, but will need to get an arm so it's not directly next to all the speakers / my clackity clacking on my keyboard
  • Was pretty happy with my Spotify Wrapped
  • Spent some time tracking down the issue with rsvp-calendar, seeing that something is definitely stopping the background sync Lambda from executing, and that it's part of the initial implementation of background sync, but not yet solved it
  • Went swimming for the first time in a while which was nice, quiet, and a good change
  • It's official, we're off GDS Slack in January, which is going to be disappointing if it means we won't be able to chat / get involved in stuff going on with them


  • Tiamat's Wrath
  • 1984


  • The Expanse
  • The Grinch
  • Office Christmas Party
  • Hawkeye

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