Week Notes 21#46

  • Got on top of my email by setting up folders, filters, and unsubscribing from a fair few things I never pay attention to
  • Got the log burner quoted for and booked in which is exciting
  • The Design of Web APIs has been a good read so far, and I've found the API Goals Canvas method useful for planning out the upcoming API Catalogue/API Linting work
  • Got some good work in the DSA this week - we finished work on the DSA Workbench, I joined in a meeting with an API vendor about Federated discovery, and spent a bit of time thinking about stuff before planning tomorrow
  • Really happy with my move to Neovim due to Firenvim, although it's not been super perfect everywhere
  • Got my leaving gifts
  • Had a good catchup with Jamie - both around Lambdas and generally - and wrote up my Lambda learnings
  • Got Wiremock managed through Spotless, now, and it bumped me up to second contributor, looking at lines changed
  • Got quite a few PRs raised for Vibrancy, with a little bit of a burst of energy, as I'm starting to think I'm going to try and get moved over by early next year, as I'm feeling a few pain points with my setup, and think starting somewhat fresh may help
  • Started rereading Tiamat's Wrath
  • On a whim, decided I'd put Morph's rat poo toy in an empty tissue box to see if he'd enjoy a challenge, and it kept him very busy and entertained!
  • Got a pretty high quote for the fence to be re-done, but fortunately Dad helped me put in a temporary fix for it
  • Been running a bit low on spoons and sleep
  • Did some tweaks on my Micropub client to, finally, make it easier to i.e. add multiple categories to a post, as that wasn't possible without Inspect Element
  • Had Mum and Dad to stay over the weekend which was nice:
    • Made Oven-Baked Normandy Chicken & Apple Casserole for Friday, and got a very nice Marakesh Express for Saturday
    • Had a very nice Brownie and Hazelnut milkshake from Homemade Cafe on Saturday lunch
    • Morph wasn't as happy about visitors as he has been in the past, especially with lots of walking around and people not settling
      • Having Sunday to chill then left him very cuddly in the evening
    • Got the fence and spare security camera up, was good to make some progress through the list
    • Being asked "why would you have interest" on your credit card was a bit 😬
  • Had both of the festive McDonalds burgers
  • Ahead of the various Black Friday sales, I've opted to get a John Lewis credit card - on recommendation from my parents - so we can get a good amount of points banked for vouchers, instead of necessarily using all our vouchers now
  • Decided on the XPS 13 9305 (not 9310 or XPS 15) and am just waiting to see if there are better deals upcoming
  • Been looking at getting a water meter to reduce costs
  • A bit of a stressful evening for the TN gang, when they found Bitwarden had expired, and all their passwords were lost - fortunately they were able to export without paying, and then update the payment details to restore access
  • Got my headphone repair paid for, so hopefully they won't be back before long
  • Played around with the C4 Model - after watching a talk with the GDS folks - for things ahead of Monday's planning session


  • Atypical
  • The Expanse
  • Eurovision Song Contest The Story Of Fire Saga
  • Blackfish
  • Dream Home Makeover

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