Week Notes 21#45

  • A short trip to London on Monday:
    • With Tech Nottingham in the evening, it was about the same time in the office as on the train, but we had some good conversations and it was good to see folks, and surprisingly I wasn't tired after the day!
    • Took my personal laptop, which was nice, and was a good taste of what it will be like longer-term as I'm not planning on taking my GDS-issued laptop
    • Got a native screen resolution shout out in the DSA week notes 😂
    • Did spend ~45 minutes going through the pain of Enterprise WPA2 - which brought back memories of fighting it with eduroam at uni - but managed to get there eventually, and have a TODO to add it to the GovWifi docs
    • Also going out for lunch at the Old Spitalfield Market was nice, and a chance to do something different - Charles and I had Guasa, which was different, and good!
    • it was a good Tech Nottingham - Continuous Delivery is something I'm very pro doing, so it was a little preaching to the choir, but still a good talk to attend
  • Monday was also the second anniversary of Kaki's death, which has some around quickly. Was kinda fitting me jumping on fairly early train to London, similar to two years ago
  • Fixed a bug with eventbrite-mf2 not handling online events, and books-mf2 returning MF2 at the wrong level
  • Spent a bit of time trying to rearchitect the tests for my IndieAuth resource servers - so I can incrementally move to JWT verification, firstly via "real" token introspection - but having trouble hooking in a mix of (introducing) Wiremock, Spring Boot, and heavily nested JUnit5 tests
  • Had a really nice catch up with Aash and James - was good to catch up, see how things are with everyone, and get a bit of the gossip
  • Had our first in-person Homebrew!
    • Was nice to spend most of it just chatting with Carol, and Anna when she arrived
    • Felt weird to be back to doing something vaguely normal again
    • Not sure we'll do it all the time, but think it's nice to have the option - maybe we'll do every other event?
    • The reminder of not having plentiful plug sockets was a bit of a pain though, and meant we didn't get as much done as we probably could have
  • DSA Workbench is mostly complete now, so we're starting to think about what comes next for the API Catalogue and discoverability
  • Joined the GDS Java catchup
  • Had some good suggestions for improving Pay's use of BOMs
  • Although it wasn't our Asda pizza, we managed to get some on Saturday
  • My Localstack PR has been superceded by someone else - I'm pretty glad to be honest, as I wasn't finding time to get to it, and I'm less driven to get it done now I'm not using it any more
  • My learnings from my Kubernetes migration were posted to Hacker News, and although it's not been super popular there, it's appears on Faun.dev and /r/DevOpsIsh
  • Living room interior design is going well:
    • Got the initial designs back from our interior designer and were very impressed! A number of things that weren't what we would've chosen, but that work really nicely
    • Got the joiner round
    • After the designs came through, we went sofa shopping and realised that actually, corner sofa is what we really want, so have remeasured, and think it'll work, so going to see what the designer thinks
  • Joiner recommended someone for the fence, who's measured up and will be sending over a quote soon
  • Had a nice Saturday out, looking at sofas, and had lunch out at Street Food Club, which again was really nice for a little bit of normalcy
  • Not quite a weekend smashing through the TODO list, but a couple of things being sorted, which is good
  • Got my historical tweets from Twitter - which may have actually worked in the past, now I think of it - so deciding whether I import them now, or wait for Vibrancy
  • Started playing around with Spectral for API assessment automation
  • Dropped off my headphones for repair - hopefully they'll be home before the 18 day turnaround from today they promised
  • Finding overnight temperatures a bit warm, so sleeping topless has been helping, but really need to tweak Nest
  • Helped out the GDS Tech Docs team by picking up a bug


  • Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings
  • Big Mouth
  • Atypical
  • Sex Education
  • The Expanse

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