Week Notes 21#44

A quietish week at work, but a very loud few days with fireworks:

  • Dropped in and out of WiT on Thursday to check in on Morph (due to Diwali fireworks)
  • Spent Friday night with Morph, keeping him company and feeling safe, with a mix of him being snuggled under a blanket, but he also went completely under the sofa for a bit, which was for the best
  • Was planning on going out on Saturday - but didn't book, and Morph - so instead had a lovely Tamatanga date night, which was really nice, and although not what we planned, was a nice chilled compromise
  • Found Hugo's ignoreFiles which will be much more useful when I'm on my current laptop, as writing posts, I don't care about i.e. bookmarks
  • Didn't get around to posting my links for the API community - as I'd not yet got enough good stuff - but read a few good ones over the weekend that I'll share
  • Started - and finished - the Secret Sauce blog post, which took about three days on and off to write
  • New season of Apex is exciting! New map, the CAR is awesome, Ash is quite fun to play with, and it's a little less grind-y than the end of the season
    • Ran out of mouse battery mid-game one day, but fortunately was able to get it plugged in before I was killed
  • Got the API Community links published publicly, which was really awesome, especially as it's something I've wanted to do for a while, with an RSS feed too, and now we're looking at whether we have a different site for it
  • May not be learning Go - although the Digital Lincoln talk did pique my interest - for the API Catalogue / federated model work, as a number of colleagues wouldn't recommend it for Web APIs, when we've got better options
  • Quite a busy week with the IndieWeb on IndieAuth
  • Had a really nice chat with Shama - was really nice to catch up, odd seeing her again after spending most of the last year seeing her every day, and was nice to hear that things are going OK - especially that while we were talking, things were going live!
  • Been getting a good amount of traffic via the Job DSL wiki - pretty nice to see!
  • Wiremock's Spotless PR is finally ready to go 👏
  • Bethan and I did a good DSA-wide demo of the awesome stuff she's done since joining, and a couple of things that I've added too
  • Got my spare motherboard sold and shipped - was very convenient having it picked up
  • Unexpectedly ran out of cereals during the week which was a bit annoying, but managed to make do until I could get to Lidl
  • Gousto forgot to send us the sausages for the Bonfire Bangers and Mash that we were excited for, which was a pain, but managed to get through some of the freezer
  • Found this week I've been waking up really knackered - last weekend, and this week, there's not been a consistent bedtime so that's not helped
  • Cleared the wardrobe room a bit which is good
  • Finally got my lock-screen working again - turns out I'd forgotten to systemctl enable it, woops!


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  • Space Force
  • Atypical
  • Breaking Bad
  • Big Mouth

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