Week Notes 21#43

A fairly busy week ahead of Rich and Soph staying, and API Days London for my second week at the DSA:

  • Finally had a look at my money, and it's been interesting seeing what a number of upcoming big expenses actually mean
  • Finished Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse
  • Was able to attend some of API Days London, which had some good sessions - some interesting things to think about and look into further
    • I ended up losing my notes from most of Thursday, which was not great.. Fortunately sessions are recorded and I'd planned to rewatch some of them
    • Felt very much called out by comments about poorly designed distributed monolithsand the way I've helped build them in the past
  • New Android 12 upgrade is taking a bit of time to get used to
  • Became a maintainer of the Jenkins Job DSL plugin
    • Probably should've stepped up while I was still very actively using it, but am hoping that this will help others get continued use out of it
    • Nice to get my PR from last year's Hacktoberfest for credentials on folders released
    • Messed up the API viewer so needed to rush a follow-up release
    • Been a bit distracting with that happening around work
  • Some of the stuff that I was working on in my last year at C1 is now imminently going live, which is awesome
  • Got the final measurements for the windows, which should be all ready to go - just as soon as the materials are ready
  • Got a couple of blog posts out that I'd been wanting to for a while, and a few blogumentations that weren't planned!
  • Bought The Design of Web APIs, but haven't gotten around
  • Finally getting around to talking to my potential therapist, who's now busy, so back to the drawing board
  • Decided I'm getting an XPS 13 in Black Friday - found the configuration I want, and hoping that it'll be sufficiently reduced that it'll be worth waiting until then
  • Another week of Morph being fairly stressed
  • Had a lovely weekend hosting Rich and Soph
    • Had a few things to do ahead of them coming, so fairly busy prepping
    • Was really nice having them as our first non-family visitors
    • Really lovely to catch up with them
    • Did the Lego jigsaw
    • Reminisced about the good - and not so good - old days
    • Had some very adult conversations about jobs, finances, what we want out of our lives
    • Had some good food, good chats, good wine, spirits and port, and a couple of late nights chatting
  • Rediscovered some very nice photos from the last few years - for our digital photo frame - and have a new phone background, that I'm going to be getting printed for my desk
  • Found it very frustrating not being able to join work meetings on Teams due to Microsoft actively blocking Firefox
  • Was nice having an extra hour's sleep this morning given the clocks changing
  • Mum's antibody test came back very positive and full of antibodies!
  • Morph scared off a black cat trying to sneak into the garden
  • Was a human adult and didn't get an unnecessary takeaway for Wednesday lunch
  • Didn't get any trick or treaters, luckily
  • Ordered my Hacktoberfest t-shirt
  • Booper for the garage has stopped working, which is not great


  • Atypical
  • Space Force

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