Week Notes 21#41

My last couple of days at Capital One, and a break before my new job:

  • Fortunately managed to get to all the last few feedback requests that were kicking around for me to reply to - definitely been weighing on me, and I was finding it difficult to get time to sit down and write them
  • Lighting talks at Tech Nottingham were good as usual - I spoke about salary, which I felt went OK
  • My last day was a bit surreal - after five years of the only company I've really ever known, having it actually come to an end was weird
    • With it being Mission Week, it was super quiet in the mornings, so meant that coming in on Tuesday morning for my last day was a bit of a waste - especially as I didn't get a chance to meet folks in the morning that I'd planned to - and with the canteen options being reduced at breakfast/lunch, Lewis and I ended up grabbing a Subway
    • Was nice to see the team, have some casual chats, and be around each other one last time
    • Had a really nice cake to celebrate lots of anniversaries and wins for the team - we even got purple hats, which I kept on all day
    • Was nice to have some folks join for my leaving drinks - even have Chris, David and Neeshu come in the office purely for that!
    • It was surprisingly cathartic to physically leave the office, handing in my pass and being done. For folks who I know who've not been in the office on their last day, it definitely felt better, and was nice to be there one last time
    • Doing an exit interview was interesting - especially as I've never done one before - and it gave some good insight into the pros/cons and made me remember more of what I'm giving up
      • Learned some stuff that'll go into my "one year on from the salary post" post
    • Leaving speech was really nicely done - everyone in the team had a hand in it and it was nicely prepared and given, and made me even sadder to leave
      • Shama did a really funny timeline of my time in Pandas, involving a lot of code review
      • Lots of comments about my code review comments - especially early on, while we as a team were still getting to a consistent set of standards - shared through the medium of pandas being destructive to others
      • Misinterpreted a comment in my leaving card about code review made me think there's one person who's definitely not going to miss me, when in fact I was being a bit sensitive
      • Had a lot of people sign my leaving card - it's nice to read all the messages and think about all the great people I've worked with over the years
      • Some funny comments about my sassy nature on Slack
      • Bethany organised a really fun quiz - with some input from me on questions/answers - and was cool to see Phil and Tom high up the list
      • I'm still kicking myself that I didn't say anything - I didn't really feel like there was a chance at the time, but I should've said something
    • Had a bit of contention about a yet-to-be-published blog post
  • Was a pretty unhealthy week with a lot of holiday/lazy energy
  • Had a pretty standard day on my own on Wednesday
  • Had a really good few days off, resetting myself, and really feeling switched off - even had some Drambuie in the evenings!
    • My mood was noticeably better, and it was nice being free to bug Anna - although I'm not sure she appreciated it as much 🙊
    • Didn't get as much done around the house as I thought I may do, but did a few bits
  • Morph enjoyed having his red blanket in the conservatory while the cleaners were in, and then on the dining room chairs, which we'lll definitely remember for future cleans
  • Finished my RSVP Calendar, which I'm pretty happy with now
  • Did some IndieAuth work, and was surprised with how I'd architected my server well to make Server Metadata straightforward
  • It was a good IndieAuth Pop-Up, and we got to some good decisions on a few things
  • Had an exciting trip into town, getting a massage and picking up a chocolate milkshake from McDonald's on my way back
  • Got a few bits of new job setup - and I'm very excited (and a bit nervous) to start tomorrow!
  • Got a very cool new t-shirt and stickers from Okta
  • Made some very good progress through the Costco brownies
  • Got the Dyson hairdryer as an early Christmas present and although haven't had much chance to use it, we're really liking it so far
  • Volunteered myself to be a maintainer for Job DSL
  • Had a bit of a weekend slump
  • Song of the week was definitely Luude - Wanna Stay (feat Dear Sunday)
  • Got my office a bit more under control
  • Realised that I've been pointing to meetup-mf2.jvt.me instead of meetup-mf2.herokuapp.com for all this time, thinking it's been Aperture timing out 😅
  • So far have utterly failed to utilise Focus Mode for pre-bedtime wind down


  • Squid Game
  • Modern Family
  • Sex Education
  • Saturday Night Live
  • The Letter for the King

Listened to:

  • 1984


  • Apex Legends
  • Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse

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