Week Notes 21#40

Returning to work after a week off, for my last full wek at Capital One:

  • Fortunately eveyrthing was fine while I was away, so the last handovers and bits of work that I can do are all done
  • Last things to do are finishing feedback for folks who've recommended it
  • Had some good last catch-ups with various folks
  • Had a day at home on my own
  • Had our first consultation with the interior designer - exciting start, with some exploratory first questions, and are looking forward to the brief + mood board that comes out of it!
  • Windows are measured up, and had a good chat about options
  • Cucumber v7 was released, so did some upgrades at work and on personal projects
  • Been a good week working on Wiremock - with the Discord there's been an easier opportunity to discuss and collaborate, and am excited to get a bit more stuck in
  • Officially registered intent to adopt maintainership of Job DSL
  • Started using RSVP Calendar - despite some cert issues - but still not quite ready for external use
  • Lovely to see my parents on Saturday
    • Got Cod's Scallops for lunch which was very good - and gave enough leftover chips and beef sauce to give us dinner, too
    • Morph was on top form, giving both of them cuddles and affection, which was very nice
    • Got a 1.4kg box of the two-bite brownies I used to love
    • Got lots of Lego now, with the latest from my parents, so my office is now teeming with opportunity
  • Read some of 4.48 Psychosis
  • Did a lot of tidying and sorting in the house, and the garage, this week
  • Was nice to see Sarah, Ross and Klara on Sunday, but they didn't end up needing as much garage space as we thought - but at least it's cleared now!
  • Booked in Rich and Soph to come stay later in the month
  • Morph has been trying to escape a fair bit, and has been screaming at us for reasons unknown - it's getting a little annoying at times 😅
  • In the lull of a song, heard what sounded like a yowling cat, and rushed downstairs - Morph had been cornered by the ginger cat, who wasn't being aggressive, and in fact was looking at the garden, away from Morph, and yowling a bit. When Morph saw me, he - pardon the pun - walked over incredibly gingerly and quietly so as not to let the ginger Cat spot him
  • Electric blanket is now on the bed, and warming it before we get into bed
  • Got super yummy brownies from work


  • Staged
  • The Chair
  • Infinites
  • Malificent

Listened to:

  • 1984


  • Apex Legends
  • Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse

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