Week Notes 21#39

The tail end of a nice week away with Anna's family:

  • Managed to catch several of the Data Connect talks, which was very good
    • Got a bit more understanding of the role, and some of the exciting stuff I'll be getting involved in going after
    • Got some more appreciation of the great stuff being done across the Civil Service
    • Was nice at the end of a session to have Terence say hey and ask me to join on camera, but as we were joining Teams on Linux, couldn't unmute and say hi
  • Had some lovely meals out - The Flying Pig, the Dalesman and a nice tea and cake at Dr Brews
  • Spent a day with Anna's parents on a rain-heavy day
  • Had a good couple of days just the two of us
  • Found it a bit difficult living with people again, especially when unfairly weighted contributing
  • Was a little bit difficult living with a two year old
  • Wednesday evening onwards my social battery was running out - not used to being fairly chatty and doing things all day every day, especially in person with people!
  • Had the weekend to recover from the holiday
  • Enjoyed the mop-up of leftovers, and having mostly pudding for breakfast on our last day
  • When we collected Morph he was incredibly meowy, and excited to be back, but spent most of the first day being restless, not settling, and constantly going out - into the rain - but since has been very cute and snuggly
  • Made some very good progess on my first Architect framework project - rsvp-calendar - today and hope to have it out in the next few days
  • Hacktoberfest started, but haven't made much progress so far - planning on using rsvp-calendar for one, and hoping to sort my Gherkin formatter out for another of them
  • Made some good progress on my blog post backlog, but not as much as I probably could have - didn't want to completely ignore the family, and was enjoying playing Switch too
    • Written a fair bit of my Kubernetes migration post, but got to tweak a bit more of it before posting
  • Had our first Darkmilk and Caramilk, both of which were very nice
  • Didn't get as much time with the local cats - but did have some nice cuddles
  • Spent a lot of our day out looking at all the cute doggos, and are decided that next pets we get will be a cat and a dog
  • Tech Team Weekly's podcast covering my salary article - was a little nervous to hear what they had to say and tuned in as soon as it was live, but it was alright and there were some interesting conversations - both on the podcast itself and on social media after
  • Hoping to return to work tomorrow - my last full week - with everyone happily managing without me. Would be nice to know that things are handed over and we're all happy
  • Managed to finally find the last places on Amazon's settings that were giving me recommendations I didn't want


  • CBeebies with Klara
  • Ugly Betty
  • What If?
  • Free Guy
  • Evolution
  • The Chair

Listened to:

  • 1984


  • Apex Legends
  • Crash Bandicoot: N. Sane Trilogy
    • I'm on to Wrath of Cortex as the first one got too difficult - and frustrating - to carry on with
  • Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse

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