Week Notes 21#38

A busy week ahead of the start of a week off:

  • Got the window quote through, which is a much better deal so that's good, and progressing - but won't be till next year unfortunately
  • Did some of the final pieces for HTTP Signatures before I leave, including testing rotation
  • Spent some time helping Asgard + Magic8Ball on their OPL migrations
  • Fixed my Kubernetes memory problems
  • My salary post is continuing to start conversations, cause problems, and is being discussed tomorrow on a podcast which I'm a little apprehensive of
  • Had a great chat about some of the good value-add things that Cartographer can do for internal library usage, and am excited to hear how that goes on in the future
  • Got some new games for the holiday in the Switch sales
  • A nice start to the week off - had some chilled time, time with the family, and time just the two of us
  • The kettle was pretty grim, but managed to scrape off the gunk so we can at least gauge how much water is in it
  • Made the mistake of speaking my mind on Twitter thread, which did not go well
  • "Last" handover with the team showed that we're all ready to go, so this week off will hopefully show the team they don't need me, and it'll mean I'm ready to go
  • A long journey to start the holiday, made longer by an accident on the A1
  • Celebrated Anna's parents' 50th anniversary
    • Unfortunately we're a bit further out than planned, so the takeaway we'd planned was replaced with a lovely BBQ'd steak
    • Stayed up late, chatting with Howard and learning a bit more about top tips for 50 years!
    • Had my first lie in - since starting the sleep training - after the late night, and found it helped, especially after the tiring lead up to the weekend
  • Here be kittens
    • On the first night a teeny black kitten appeared(!) and looked like it wanted attention, but to not give Klara any ideas, I didn't immediately go out. It looked like it wanted some attention, and so I put some food out for it, and although it didn't want to eat from my hand, it came back later and ate it from the floor
    • When out for a walk yesterday we found the kittens have a bed outside next door's house, and were a little bit scared of people near them so scarpered
    • Last night the kitten from the first night returned again, and got a bit of steak gristle, and let me stroke it while it purred and made biscuits
    • Tonight both the black kittens came over - they gave me some affection, and walked off after a bit, so I went in and gave them some ham
    • We've also had a slightly larger ginger cat, but I've not interacted with it yet
    • Been very cute, and their little noms while trying to eat things is very cute
  • Had our first real roast in over a year and a half, which was well worth the trip into a quiet Kendal, at Ye Old Fleece Inn! Had a walk around the Castle ruins and then had a very good chocolate orange brownie and a Malteasers millionaire shortbread at Tilly's Desserts
  • Having difficulty deciding on the gift for my 5 year anniversary at work - hoping to get some other options
  • Mum got her Covid booster shot
  • As I was packing to leave for holiday, I found that my headphones have cracked a little - gonna have to see if John Lewis will be able to replace them


  • Lego DC Super Villains
  • Crash Bandicoot: N. Sane Trilogy
  • Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse

Listened to:

  • 1984


  • Ugly Betty
  • What If?
  • Robots

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