Week Notes 21#37

My penultimate five day week at Capital One, and the last time going the office before next week's holiday:

  • Was a bit worried about Morph on Monday as his voice was a bit wheezy and he'd thrown up - looks like it was just hairballs, but I missed some of TN because of it to keep an eye on him
  • Not the best start to week getting a bit worked up about stuff at work, but turns out it wasn't actually the problem I though it was, and I'd gone off on one for no reason 😅 - that'll teach me for making assumptions instead of assuming positive intent
  • Not the most productive day at the office on Tuesday - although fortunately I didn't have a walk to work in the rain as the forecast said it would be
    • It was a great food day though! I'm definitely going to miss the canteen - a very full English to start the day, and Eton Mess mid-afternoon was amazing
    • Had a great time for Jim's leaving meal at Annie's - my Sunday Lunch burger was very good, and as my first inside meal it was a bit of a shock to the system, but felt relatively comfortable
  • Had a really bad sleep on Tuesday - my back was killing me, and spent about an hour awake in the night waiting for paracetemol to kick in, after at least an hour of very poor sleep
  • Got a fair bit done with the house:
    • Got the locks changed
    • Got our first clean with the hopefully new regular cleaners
    • In the process of dealing with the fence
    • More progress with the windows, but not yet a quote
  • Still getting a good amount of traffic on my salary post
  • Got to the point where I've now got a "days left" counter on a whiteboard in the back of my Zoom background
  • Was nice to see the family on Saturday, was very lucky with the weather, and had some lovely home-cooked food
    • I think I had my first paneer (this one from Costco!) since Kaki's last paneer batch
    • Also got a tepla takeaway which was also my first since Kaki's last batch
  • Had a good catch up with Shaun - as he mentioned it was the sort of convo we'd be able to have at the end of a meetup. Looking forward to being able to have those conversations again
  • Had a really great catchup with Charles - it's given me more energy for the new job, and some good stuff to think about before I start
    • Really looking forward to some of the work we'll be doing - there's some interesting scope, and it'll be cool to be leading on the product team for some cross-government impact
    • Very excited by the fact I may not need a VPN!
    • Had a really good chat about hybrid working, and it's looking like it'll be much less in "an office" than required
    • Generally really looking forward to getting started
  • After several weeks of wanting one, McDonalds have milkshakes again!
  • Finding the wind down at work a bit weird - I'm so used to being busy and having many things to do with my downtime that with me imminently leaving, and not wanting chunky pieces of work needing handover, I'm finding it hard to be only partially busy
    • I've been able to get onto things like innersourcing some improvements to my old teams' to hopefully help them out with some of the things they'd want to do if they had the time
  • No progress with the Cucumber pretty-printing problems yet
  • Had a nice catchup with Carol after her exciting week in London
  • Got to level 500 on Apex Legends but didn't get my heirloom - unlike most of reddit, I'm not gonna complain about it every day 😂
  • Got our hoodies from the Growlympics - very comfy!
  • Got a cool Koala water bottle after seeing it on TikTok (even when it wasn't an ad!)
  • Got Deliveroo Plus through Amazon Prime, and am sure it's going to make a significant difference to my life


  • The Matrix Revolutions
  • Ugly Betty
  • What If?

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