Week Notes 21#35

  • Our last 4 day weekend - but definitely gonna do it again next year
  • Some more handover thinking and starting to get things prepped for the move
  • Started talking a bit more about the new role with Charles, which is exciting
  • Toying with the idea of publishing a /salary/ page, with historical information
  • Been a busy week supporting a couple of incidents - got some nice comments about people going to miss me when I'm gone!
  • Was Jack's last day which was sad - I had the honour of removing him from a couple of GitHub orgs - but hope to keep working with him on OSS!
  • Chef pipelines are now working in production - hoping to get things partially opened for more testing this week woop!
  • Chef pipelines are now paritally pushing in prod, which is very exciting
  • Gherkin formatter was unblocked this week - going back to an old suggestion from Jack, which isn't as nice as the others could've been, but also they don't work, so 🤷
    • I'm only 2 characters away from having it all sorted, which is frustratingly close, especially after so many painful days spent fighting it
    • Got an initial PR to Spotless in the meantime of it being code complete, which worked quite nicely
  • Week without Milk and More is getting a bit concerning
  • Got back into Paper Mario: The Origami King
  • Some more swimming
  • Morph had a very big fight with a neighbour cat - he yowled at it very loudly through the conservatory door, and in a turn that shocked both of us, ran out of the cat flap to attack it and chase it away. We intervened as we thought it was getting a bit aggressive - hopefully he's happy that his territory was correctly defended before we got involved
  • Decided to show Morph that he can come in/out of the living room windows
  • Windows are still going slowly as the local company quote has still not yet been started 😠 but gonna be really chasing them tomorrow so 🤞
  • Shuffled around the living room to see what it'd be like with the projector at the end of the room, and not quite sure about glare / people being able to neb in!


  • Downton Abbey
  • The Matrix
  • The Matrix Reloaded

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