Week Notes 21#34

A three day week, given Capital One gave everyone Friday off - but meant things were a little busier with a day less of sprint capacity than planned:

  • Went into town for lunch, ice cream, and a walk over to the bike shop on Monday, followed by our first go on the e-scooters (albeit not very well, as I've got 0% balance) - a nice start to the week!
  • Morph has been obsessed with the local wildlife - he's brought in two dead mice, and one still alive
    • We put his bell on him again, to which he immediately started spraying inside again, so I guess we know how he feels about that
    • He's now locked in the conservatory overnight to limit blast radius
  • Signed up for a gym membership, and had our first swim using it. It was nice getting back to it after so long, and it was good having the sauna and steam room, too!
  • Finalised my start/end date, and been chatting with Charles ahead of it - getting more and more excited to start!
  • Charlie's leaving do got me very emotional - it gave me a sign of what was to come when I do leave, and he said some lovely things about how I was "the best tech lead" and that I was the "beating heart of the team", so 🥺
  • Cat's got COVID - but is fine so far - a bit of a cold but otherwise fairly mild, and hopefully will be back to normal soon
  • Had some good work around BOMs this week at work, and proving some patterns out for improving library usage which will be good going forward
  • Was nice to bosch out a blog post on Thursday evening (albeit quite close to bed time) and I'd missed just sitting down and writing something somewhat coherent
  • Some not great sleeping - wondering if I need to pull bedtime forward, too, as I'm starting to really struggle getting up, aside from the days I wake up earlier than my alarm
  • Lots of (unnecessary) tasty treats
  • Had a good IndieAuth pop-up on Saturday evening
  • Anna had her first trip to the office
  • Busy week around Anna Dad's birthday this week
  • Very happy to welcome Flora to the world
  • Still having difficulty with Gherkin Formatting
  • Had a good catchup with Chris generally, and about my leaving
  • Starting to prepare my handovers with the team, and finding it difficult to start things going
  • Spent most of Sunday playing Link's Awakening together, with Morph on my lap
  • To avoid needing to go to the doctors to get my stye looked at, I've finally started looking after it myself and it's magically fixing itself 😅
  • We've got neighbours again - it feels very odd having people next door again
  • Been frustrating the windows aren't progressing, but the previous quote I'd had keeps getting knocked down so maybe I'll just go with them
  • Difficult planning ahead to see the family given the imminent return to "normal life" and being around people very regularly
  • First handover for the Chef pipelines went well, and they're getting pretty close to being ready to try our first release from!


  • The Good Place
  • American Psycho
  • Downton Abbey
  • The Matrix
  • What If?

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